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New cases in the US account for 20 percent of all new global cases as the pandemic increases worldwide.

According to the New York Times, the United States accounted for 20 percent of all new infections worldwide on Sunday, as the coronavirus spreads at a record pace worldwide, even though the country’s population is approximately 4.3 percent of the world’s population.

In 22 states, particularly in the west and south, new cases continued to increase over the weekend. Oklahoma and Missouri reported their biggest one-day cases so far on Sunday, and Florida has totaled 1

00,000 cases, according to the state health ministry.

The situation is bad in Yakima County in Washington, where the number of cases has more than doubled in the past month. Governor Jay Inslee said the county was at a “break point”. Due to the lack of hospital beds, patients were taken to Seattle for medical care more than two hours away. Yakima hospitals also report a significant shortage of staff due to staff who have contracted the virus or are in a 14-day quarantine after exposure.

The head of the World Health Organization warned the countries on Monday not to make the virus a political issue, especially as infections are increasing worldwide.

“We know that the pandemic is so much more than a health crisis – it’s an economic crisis, a social crisis, and in many countries a political crisis,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Although it did not proclaim certain countries, the virus is politically controversial in several countries, including the USA where the White House has started resetting its own virus and Brazil precautions.

Germany is trying to curb a rapidly growing outbreak in the country’s largest pork processing plant.

The authorities confirmed 1,331 new cases among workers at the Tönnies plant in northwestern Rheda-Wiedenbrück last week. The surrounding community was quarantined and schools and day care centers were closed. State and federal health workers and soldiers had been deployed to conduct large-scale tests.

Some workers blamed a lack of security measures and space for social distancing. A video released in early April, apparently taken by a worker, showed an overcrowded cafeteria. The prosecutor said he was considering opening an investigation.

With the new cases, the country’s R0, which is the number of new infections likely to come from a single case, rose to 2.7 on Monday, a number that has not been seen since a nationwide shutdown began in March . However, the national health authority, the Robert Koch Institute, warned that the R0 was high precisely because the number of cases remained relatively low.

In other international news:


New York City begins a new phase of reopening: offices.

The mayor said that while some companies would hesitate to reopen their offices in the summer, he would encourage them to bring workers back in the fall.

“The more people see that it works, the more people will want to come back,” he said. “I think a lot of companies will say,” We just can’t do this job if people don’t spend more time together. “

In a survey conducted by the Partnership for New York City group this month, respondents from 60 companies with offices in Manhattan predicted that by August 15, only 10 percent of their employees would return.

At the Fancy Wave Salon in Flushing, Queens, hairdressers wore face protection, gloves, and masks while taking care of their customers’ hair. Derrick Chan, the owner, said he was thrilled to reopen.

“We pretty much had to stay home, no income,” he said. “That’s why you have to save for the rainy days.”

The following happens in the region:

  • More drivers Return to public transportation during transit phase 1 in New York City. In the subway, the daily number of drivers rose to 17 percent of the pre-pandemic when the number of drivers exceeded five million. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority expects up to two million people in phase 2.

  • In New York State, there were 10 additional ones virus-related deaths, Mr. Cuomo said Monday. Governor Philip D. Murphy said 27 more people died in New Jersey.

  • New Jersey casinos could reopen on July 2 with a 25 percent capacity, Murphy said. Further restrictions will be announced shortly.

Clusters in the United States are increasingly associated with social and religious meeting places.

Recognition…Ronald Bond / The Observer via Associated Press

When parts of the country were provisionally reopened, clusters of cases spread from the most popular locations – such as meat packaging companies, nursing homes, and prisons – to locations that received far less attention.

Four people who have spent time at Cruisin ‘Chubby’s Gentlemen’s Club, a Wisconsin strip club, have recently had positive reviews. In Colorado, at least 11 Eagle Lake Overnight Camp employees contracted the virus before campers showed up, causing the camp to be closed for the rest of the summer.

Other clusters have been linked to fraternity rush parties in Mississippi. Officials said these gatherings appeared to violate rules that prohibit indoor gatherings of more than 20 people unless social distancing measures are taken.

Churches that have been discussed about reopening are becoming sources of large clusters across the country. At least 236 cases have recently been linked to the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Oregon.

Experts say that clusters across the country are likely to continue to emerge as people come into contact.

“The reopening is part of the story,” said Dr. Arnold S. Monto, professor of epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan, determined that more people will be at risk when the states go back into operation. But the virus is also notoriously unpredictable, he said, and certain people are more likely to transmit it than others.

“They have individuals who are super spreaders,” he said, not because they are irresponsible, but because there is something else about how their bodies respond to the virus. “It’s a biological phenomenon that we don’t understand.”

Studies have shown that federal aid has averted the poverty of millions of people in the United States.

A separate study analyzing survey data from the Census Bureau found that in April Americans in need increased in spite of high unemployment at the start of government payments.

This study by researchers from the University of Chicago and Notre Dame estimated that poverty in April and May fell from 10.9 percent in January and February to 8.6 percent in the past 12 months. (They use a different definition of poverty than the Columbia group.)

Starting this week, healthy volunteers will be screened for participation in phase I trials that test safety. Covid 19 patients are expected to be enrolled in August.

Cultural and sports summary

The Golden Globes chose a later date for their event in 2021, a date that the Oscars abandoned.

There was also no indication of how the February date would affect the eligibility of film and television series that normally correspond to the calendar year. The window for the best viewing at the upcoming Oscars has been extended to February 28 instead of December 31 to compensate for the pandemic closure of theaters. In other cultural and sports news:

The United States is preparing to meet virtually for the first time.

The United Nations General Assembly will be holding its annual meeting in September for the first time, practically for the first time, and the world’s leaders are expected to deliver their speeches on pre-recorded video statements, the president of the 193-strong organization said Monday.

However, the president, Tijjani Muhammad-Gange from Nigeria, did not rule out that some leaders could speak in person despite the challenges posed by the pandemic this year, the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United States.

The annual general assembly is the world’s largest international diplomatic gathering, where dozens of leaders typically meet at the United States headquarters in New York. This year the meeting begins on September 15th and the leaders are to speak alternately from September 22nd.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Muhammad-Gang said that it was impossible for the General Assembly to hold its meeting in the usual way. But it wasn’t until Monday that he announced how the world leaders should make their statements.

At a press conference, Muhammad Gang said further details of how the event would be held over the next few days – and he suggested that some leaders may still be able to deliver their comments live in the General Assembly hall.

For those who don’t, he encouraged them to submit their recorded speeches early – and not make any last-minute changes.

“We want to make sure there are no problems,” he said.

The F.D.A. warns that 9 hand sanitizers made in Mexico could be dangerous.

The Food and Drug Administration warns consumers to avoid nine Mexico-based hand sanitizers because they may contain methanol, a substance that can be toxic if absorbed or absorbed through the skin.

At least temporarily, a wave of new mental health problems can actually occur, especially if the cases explode again or the economic downturn worsens.

“We are at the moment when we can draw the attention of families who have historically overlooked their state opportunities and may start to change attitudes,” said Joseph A. Brennan, vice president of communications and marketing.

The University of Kansas has also received more transfer students from other four-year institutions.

“In many cases, these are Kansas students who have gone to facilities that will then return to Kansas,” said Matt Melvin, vice provost for enrollment management. “We always see some of it, but it seems to be more pronounced because of the pandemic.”

So the housework can be safely resumed.

With the reopening of communities, many people wonder when it will be safe for babysitters and housekeepers to return to work. Here are some tips on how domestic workers and their employers can stay safe.

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