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Live Sport Is Big Business For TV Broadcasters


This is an exciting time for being in the broadcasting business, especially if it’s related to sports and live sports. There are millions of people who tune in to watch their favorite sport, and a lot of broadcasters are taking advantage of that. Take a look below at how big of a business, live sports is for a lot of the well known T.V broadcasters.

The popularity of live sports

For many years now, sports have dominated T.V. viewership.If you look back in 2011, half of the most-watched broadcasts were sports. So there is a large number of people that invested in these sports events. In 201

8 alone, the live sports events were dominating the most-watched list, making 90% of it being watched by thousands of viewers. So it’s apparent that the viewer’s tastes have changed over the years, and it changed positively in favor of sports. And this can be something very lucrative for broadcasting companies if they take advantage of it.

Heavy investments on sport’s rights

The different broadcasting companies are being smart now, they know what the major “Cash Cow” in this business. They are well aware that the normal viewer wants to check today’s events to know which sporting event or match is live soon. That’s why the companies are investing hard on sport’s rights, these lucrative contracts generate a significant amount of advertising revenue for T.V stations. It’s a valuable asset that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, given the willingness of customers to pay for watching sport in real-time via various Pay-Per-View deals.

Spreading to different platforms

With technology and the digital world, taking over, sports viewership is starting to change. T.V still generates a lot of profits, but there is a market that is being utilized now that can increase revenues even more. People worldwide are spending a lot of hours per day on their phones and social media, and multiple research results suggest the time spent is even higher. This means that in the future, there will be a time where audiences are spending less time watching T.V compared to the past. And the percentages show it being high when it comes to the younger generations.

The opportunities to go digital

With the increase of more viewers going digital instead of the traditional ways, sporting events can be hosted and provided now through different platforms. Available in everyone’s phone and tablet. This is a tremendous opportunity to get more profits and retain success without any fear of dwindling should the time comes in the future where T.V broadcasts become less viewed. So now different sports that everyone loves can be provided in different platforms with ease, it’s an important piece of content that every platform should have. Understanding people’s minds and needs are the key to success.


Sports being broadcasted live is a tremendously lucrative business, everybody loves sports and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But what will change are the platforms and tools used to view them, this is where smart planning is needed to ensure continuous success.