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Live: The Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The following is expected:

At 9:00 am in the UK, more than 2,000 members of the public invited to watch the wedding party enter and leave St George's Chapel on the Rally Windsor Castle grounds.

With many hours of coming together, they were advised to bring their own lunch

At 9:30 am, guests begin to enter the chapel. The guest list has not been released, but expect a healthy mix of British and foreign members; many royal relatives, some of whom have heard of you, others not; Friends of the couple; Friends of the royal family and important personalities who should be invited to such things.

The couple has excluded to invite politicians. This avoids the potential inconvenience that would have resulted if they invited Barack and Michelle Obama, who are their friends, but not President Trump, who is not the most popular man in the UK.

Members of the Royal at 11:20 am The family arrives.

At 11:45, Harry comes to church with Prince William, his best man.

At 11:55, Queen Elizabeth arrives.

At 11:59 Meghan arrives in a car with her mother, leaves the car and enters the church. Everyone can see their dress, decide whether they like it or not, and speculate on how much it costs. Prince Charles will accompany her to the altar.

The service will take an hour, after which Meghan and Harry take a small excursion in a carriage through the streets of Windsor, where they and the crowd can wave to each other. 19659011] Photo

The choir of St. George's Chapel rehearses before the wedding. Credit
Steve Parsons / Agence France Press – Getty Images

You have questions. We have answers.

You probably have some questions about the royal wedding, as you were never married royally yourself.

Who is going? Why? Bride and groom bring their corgis (do they have any corgis)? Why is the royal family so focused on corgis? Will the guests be exposed to this perverted and confusing British tradition, the wedding cake of fruit?

Which of many possible military uniforms will Harry wear for the ceremony, and how did he decide? What's up with all these hats, which are actually called fasciners and are not really hats at all?

We've answered over 100 questions to help you understand these and many other pressing issues of the day. (It's a pretty exhaustive list and even contains things you did not know you wanted them to know.)

And for anyone who remembers the electrifying moment, Pippa Middleton dresses in a simple, tight bridesmaid dress Sister Kate's marriage to Prince William in 2011 is another thing.

Who will be Pippa this year? And what aspect of her (or his) outfit and physique will this time take the public imagination? Is it possible to enhance the nickname that Pippa will be given immediately: "Her Royal Hotness"


Prince Harry and Meghan posing for photographers at Kensington Palace in London after announcing their engagement last year.
Facundo Arrizabalaga / European Pressphoto Agency

Englishmen live, but maybe California is dreaming.

Markle had been busy since she and Harry announced their engagement in November.

Their whirlwind commercials began with a blind date, led to a romantic camping trip in Botswana and ended with a suggestion when the two were at home frying a chicken.

England can be a tough place for an American, especially for someone who comes from California and is not used to all-year-round moisture and chronic light deprivation.

Your new home is a beautiful apartment in a real royal building – we're talking about Kensington Palace, which is definitely something to write home about.

But the palace, so to speak, is also full of members of Harry's extended family. Would you like to live surrounded by your in-laws?


Ms. Markle and her family were closely watched by the British media. Credit
Andrew Testa for the New York Times

The media hit the Markles. It is a flammable mixture.

The worst part for Ms. Markle was the media review.

The notoriously sharp-edged British tabloids exhausted the usual themes about Meghan herself – her looks, her career, her wardrobe, her past romantic history, her class status, her candid manner, whether she or Harry had the upper hand in the relationship, her circle of friends the fact that one of her earliest acting jobs in a game show was called "Deal or No Deal" She demanded that she wear a mini dress and keep a money-filled silver wallet.

Then they turned to their family.

We all have relatives who, when we marry, pray fervently, would do us the favor of staying at home, remaining silent and not publicly proclaiming how offended they are by our failure to invite them to the wedding.

No such luck for Meghan.

Incited by silver-tongued reporters who have been collecting money from members of their family, those he does not associate with, such as her half-brother and half-sister, have attacked her in the media.

Meanwhile, her father, a former Hollywood director who quietly retired to Mexico, apparently made a novice mistake for a group of photos that were then falsely marketed as if they had been taken without his permission. After he had set the trap, he was murdered by the tabloids.

Humiliated and confused by forces no one had prepared for him, Markle had heart surgery last week and the palace announced that he would not come to his daughter. Wedding


Prince Harry welcomed the fans on Friday in Windsor. Credit
Frank Augstein / Associated Press

With a little help, a prince grows into the role.

As far as Harry is concerned, Meghan seems to have brought him happiness and a sense of maturity and calm.

As the younger of Prince Charles's two sons, freed from the burden of being a future king, Harry seemed to charm and celebrate his way through his youth.

He dated a number of (mostly blond, mostly aristocratic) young women who always looked as if he was anxious to stay up later and celebrate longer than anyone else.

He made some missteps. As a teenager, Harry once wore a Nazi costume to a costume party. In 2012 he was photographed, partying and possibly playing strip billiards with a young woman and her friends in a Las Vegas hotel.

But being in the army – he served twice in Afghanistan – gave him a sense of discipline and camaraderie.

Now he is the patron of many charities, especially those who help injured and disabled military veterans. In 2014, he launched Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style sports competition for injured former service members.

He was only 12 when his mother Diana, the Princess of Wales, died. It's hard to forget the haunting sight of him and William walking in their adult suits behind their mother's funeral grief.

Harry, who talked about how he felt and how he finally sought advice to deal with his grief, said he thought Diana had loved Meghan.

"They would be as thick as thieves, without question," he said after announcing his engagement. From Diana, he added, "And she would be overjoyed, jumping up and down, so excited for me."


The residents of Windsor have been told that about 4,000 police officers are being used] Credit
Emilio Morenatti / Associated Press

Welcome to Windsor. Please behave yourself.

Even if you are in England on Saturday, do not make the mistake of believing that you can get on a train at the last minute and drive to Windsor.

First of all, you might not get a seat. And if you arrive in Windsor this morning, it will be very busy.

You will have to deal with the keen royal observers who, in some cases a few days earlier, have already taken all the good points along the royal route.

This is in addition to the thousands of policemen, some on horses, with their detection dogs, their metal fencing, their vehicle detection technology, their closed-circuit cameras, their helicopters, and their naval patrols on the river.

Do not think that you or your drone can fly over Windsor, either; The police reported it on Saturday as a restricted zone for low-level traffic.

Perhaps 100,000 people are crowding into the small town today. Nobody says how much the security operation will cost, but the current (unconfirmed) estimate is that it will reach up to 30 million pounds.

That's about $ 40 million, with the bill being paid by UK taxpayers.

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