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Live Updates: Michael Cohen guarantees documents

The prosecution used a new law signed by Trump to deplore its former fixer Michael Cohen, as the court records show.

Investigators in the Southern District of New York Received a Search Warrant for Access to Cohen's Gmail Account in February 2018 Some documents were reversed, but the tech giant declined to "produce data on computer servers outside the United States of America, "the affidavit said, which put an FBI agent, who was involved in Cohen's case, on trial.

Weeks later, Trump signed the CLOUD Act into a law that gave US law enforcement agencies more legal ways to prosecute Data Stories abroad. The provision was taken over into the $ 1

.3 trillion bill Trump had signed to avoid closure of the federal government.

With the new law in the books, the prosecutor returned and demanded another arrest warrant for the materials that Google did not reverse.

In an April 2018 affidavit, the FBI agent claimed that "providers must disclose data, even if stored abroad," according to the new law. The judge approved the new search warrant later in the day to allow investigators access to additional information from Google, including Cohen's emails, attachments, address books, and files stored in Google Drive.

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