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Live Updates: Moulton, Ryan and Swalwell CNN Town Halls

CNN caught up with Democratic President Eric Swalwell to ask a few questions in front of the city hall today.

The California Congressman answered eight simple questions to help voters get to know him better.

Here's what he said:

CNN : What surprises people about you?

Swalwell : "I love country music, as I really, really, really love country music." [194559002] CNN : What was the best advice that You have ever received?

Swalwell : "The Best Advice I Got Is Find a mentor, but also another mentor." You have two hands. "Look for as many mentors as possible to get there Never forget that you have another hand and you need to reach down and lift others up too. "

CNN : What's your favorite movie and why?

Swalwell : "I'll give you two: & # 39; Moana & # 39; Cars & # 39 ;. That's all we're seeing right now in our house Do not remember a day with two kids under the age of two when we saw another movie save me, send us a new movie to watch. "

CNN : What was the last book? that you have read?

Swalwell : "& # 39; An American Summer. & # 39; It's about the gun violence that's just going on in Chicago, it's absolutely heartbreaking, we have a lot more to do ending the violence in Chicago, in our schools and in our churches, that's one of the reasons I run for President. "

CNN : What's your biggest achievement?

Swalwell : "I think it's my greatest achievement to be the first in my family to go to college, it's not my achievement, it's the achievement of my family, my parents worked very hard My dad was a police officer, my mother raised four boys, did a lot of odd jobs, dug deep, borrowed a lot, and we made it, and now, as a president, I feel obligated to make every family who wants to work as hard as she can. "

CNN : What are the three problems we need to address? now?

Swalwell : "What are the three issues we need to address right now, well, that's part of the reason I'm running for the president Climate chaos My generation will feel the devastating effects if they do not do anything about it We have to invest in carbon-negative technologies now, the cost of training, and forty million of us have a student loan debt that is quickly knocking us to the brink, let's lower the interest rate on student loans to zero, and gun violence. It is devastating our cities, it also makes us less secure in our churches and schools, let's lock up and buy back every single weapon of assault, but also invest in programs to prevent gang violence – these are our generational problems and I'm a generation candidate. "[19659002] CNN : What are you calling one thing from all other Democratic 2020 candidates different.

Swalwell : "One thing that differs from all the other 2020 candidates is that I have two children under the age of two, so our problems at home are the problems of so many families We fight insurance companies We pay a lot for prescription drugs We take care of the babies so my wife and I can both work and we care about the safety of our children in the schools So our problems as a young family could be one vote for Solutions in the White House. "

CNN : What does your presidency have to offer to Republican voters?

Swalwell : "Well, these are my parents too, I'm the son of two Republicans, I have to go to other cable channels so they can see me on TV, but I know it It's very important to my parents to have higher wages, lower health costs, and a better future for their children, so I'll deal with them, cross the corridor, or even grab the dining table to make sure our country is better for Republicans, Democrats and Independent is. "

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