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Liverpool analysis – Roberto Firmino question raised, but Jürgen Klopp’s “transfers” look good

Firmino raises the same old question

Roberto Firmino has to wonder if he will ever score in the Premier League in Anfield again.

His last moment of fear came at the beginning of the second half and was triggered by a nice pass from Mohamed Salah in the area.

The Brazilian rubbed his shot a little, but it was still enough to hit Burnley goalkeeper Nick Pope – just to hit the inside of the post.

It’s been this way in Firmino’s top league in Anfield for Firmino since meeting Tottenham Hotspur on March 31, 2019, a run of 19 games – in other words, a whole season.

Klopp dismissed fears that this could be a psychological problem for the striker, whose strikes were often critical this season.

And Firmino̵

7;s overall performance here – his first touches, his vision, and his urge to look – underlined why he’s so important to the functioning of this all-conquering Liverpool team, and why he always finds a place when he falls off the Burnley line of defense.

In fact, he wasn’t the only one who spurned a good opening, and all three of the strikers may have wondered why they hadn’t registered.

Nobody does what Firmino does. Nobody in the Liverpool squad can do that.

Another gap, however, raises further questions as to whether the Reds need another central attack option to provide additional firepower if the Brazilian doesn’t do so just outside the gate.

Internal transfers look good

Jürgen Klopp is not a Christmas present when it comes to appearances in the Premier League.

And nobody could argue that Neco Williams made a top start in a row for the second time in a row and Curtis Jones made a full league debut here.

The duo has been the next potential breakthrough in the academy for some time, and having both on the same grid gave an insight into a possible future.

Williams, who had a hard time left-back mid-week in Brighton, felt far more comfortable in his usual role on the other side of the defense, a bundle of energy that was stubborn in both defense and attack and had a good pass.

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A crossfield move to Andy Robertson caused applause from the shelter, while a pirouette worthy of Zinedine Zidane bamboozled the Burnley backline.

It took Jones a little longer to grow into the game, but his ability to see a pass soon helped drive the Reds through several delightful pass moves in the first half.

He should also have contributed to last week’s strike against Aston Villa by shooting Nick Pope in the first half and then being lavish when Mohamed Salah sent him away after the break.

Neither youth has confidence – more confidence than arrogance – and Liverpool’s style of play allows them to succeed.

Klopp’s internal transfers are given the opportunity to check whether they can pay off.

Fans the really big miss

After the tie, Burnley was undoubtedly prepared for a late barrage in Liverpool.

Not least because the Reds were heading for the Kop.

But while the banners on the booth were known, the silence that comes from the fabled end of football feels no less strange when Jürgen Klopp’s team played a closed-door home game against Crystal Palace last month.

And this was perhaps the first time since the season’s resumption, when Liverpool missed his 12th man.

Loud support from the Anfield crowd has helped the Reds to win on many occasions, even if the role was simply to subdue their opponents.

This season, Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur were at the receiving end. The results maintained the dynamism of the early season, which was too much for Manchester City to keep up.

Liverpool fans did their part during this glorious Premier League campaign.

The sooner they are allowed to return to Anfield, the more everyone benefits – both on and off the field. Without them, it’s just not the same.

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