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Living in the center of Michigan – Antonio Brown returns to the CMU as a student? University administrators will not confirm this

Antonio Brown enrolled at Central Michigan University?

The former recipient in Chippewa states that, according to an Instagram post, four classes occupy 12 credits. All courses are online.

Brown left CMU in 2009 before earning a bachelor's degree.

CMU registrar Keith Malkowski refused to provide information from the Central Michigan Life Directory about Brown. Malkowski said all inquiries about the former NFL star must come from university communications. Basic directory information is available through FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act).

Brown featured on his Instagram story, which is enrolled for the fall semester of 201

9. He gives an introduction to Management (MGT 312), Technical Writing (ENG 303WI), Death and Dying (REL 334WI) and Racism and Inequality (SOC 323).

Brown was a student athlete at CMU from 2007 to 2009. He left school early to attend the 2010 NFL Draft. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixth round (195 th total round). As he left early, Brown did not graduate.

Brown no longer has NCAA authority because he signed a professional contract. Since two of his classes began on September 16, he would have had to enroll at the university on Monday before being cut by the Patriots.

Here is Antonio Brown's Instagram story post, which shows that he takes several online classes.

After Brown's altercation with the Steelers, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, he announced that he would never play again in the NFL. He was cut by the Patriots on Friday and dropped by Nike a few days earlier, partly because of the rape of former CMU gymnast Brittney Taylor in 2017 and 2018.

Prior to the 2019 season, Brown donated six heated benches $ 105,000 for the football program.

The benches have his college number (# 27) and the number he wore with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders (# 84) on the opposite ends. In the upper left corner is the golden text "Boomin".

The Chippewas also have several photos of Brown at their facilities, and he even appears on the scoreboard before home games at Kelly / Shorts Stadium.

Due to the reported incidents involving Brown and Taylor, two former athletes, the university issued a statement. Therefore, it would be inappropriate for us to comment.

"Central Michigan University takes all known allegations of sexual assault and wrongdoing seriously and examines them. Central is one of the leading universities in sensitizing and preventing sexual assault and offers students, faculty and staff a variety of resources and counseling services.

"The benches are a unique gift from Mr. Brown to the football program. Its continued use by the football team is considered to be facts and circumstances of Mr Brown's Code of Civil Procedure.

Here are the classes that Brown claims at the CMU:

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