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Look for the missing football star Emlliano Sala


The sister of Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, who was stopped after actively seeking out her brother, urged the authorities on Thursday not to give up looking for the remains of his plane, which had disappeared over the Channel on Monday night. The authorities said the survival chances for Sala and pilot David Ibbotson were "extremely remote" after a three-day air and sea voyage that covered 1,700 square kilometers near the Channel Islands, the plane or the two people on board did not find it AP reports. The plane flew from the French city of Nantes to Cardiff, where the 28-year-old Sala was to play for the Premier League club of the Welsh capital.

"I know they live and they are fine, and they are looking for us," said the player's sister, Romina Sala, in Cardiff. "Please, please, I ask you ̵

1; do not stop looking, you live." Sala spoke about 30 minutes after Guernsey harbourmaster Capt. David Barker had announced that they had "made the difficult decision to end the search" while asking ships and aircraft to continue searching for parts of the light aircraft. "Survival in this phase is extremely low," Barker said. The aircraft was last known near Hurd's Deep, an underwater valley more than 300 feet deep. "Finding something in that depth of water is going to be extremely difficult," Barker said. "But we can not conclusively say if the plane is on the seabed." (Before the plane disappeared, Sala sent a message that he was "so scared.")

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