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Look: New Proposed Missile Design Could Fix SpaceX Launch Delays Due To Bad Weather

SpaceX has been prepared and is ready to launch a new series of Starlink satellites. Due to the severe weather conditions which they suspect are “likely to continue” for the next few days, they finally decided to postpone the start date and will keep it to people posted on the destination’s next start date once confirmed.

The post that proposed a new design

Firing a missile is by no means easy, and designing a missile could be just as difficult or even more difficult! After finding out that launch had to be postponed, which is common with missiles in bad weather, a specific Twitter account @ billhuang688 posted an image of a proposed missile design that allegedly could fix launch delays due to bad weather.

The post contained an image titled US Rockets All Weather # 1013 Level 1, which apparently doesn’t appear on Google at all. The post contains the specific specifications that are supposedly needed for rockets to withstand the harsh weather and still launch. Although the specifications and legitimacy of this design when it comes to withstanding inclement weather, the detailed design is certainly still very interesting.

Take a close look at the post and you will find that it is not a real rocket

The specifications even include length, diameter, weight, drag, CP, assembly time, and other specifications. While this may look very interesting at first glance, upon closer inspection you will find that this missile is actually way too small and could possibly just be a model missile and not an actual satellite broadcast missile.

At first glance it looks like an official design, but the closer you look, the more the rocket will need glue, sandpaper, sealer, paint, etc. This proves that the new specifications for the “weatherproof” rocket actually apply to specifications a toy rocket.

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Rocket design and SpaceX history

The specifications aren’t as simple as making a rocket modeled on a toy. In fact, it initially took SpaceX years to successfully launch a rocket. In fact, Elon Musk was on the verge of bankruptcy when SpaceX had enough funds to launch yet another to attract investors and seal the deal with NASA.

Surprisingly, that final shot has paid off, and that’s why SpaceX is now what it is, a growing company focused on space exploration and work. Starlink, on the other hand, works as a service for people.

Elon Musk has recognized that there are certain parts of the world where internet connection is very scarce and he wants to change that with his Starlink. The Starlink is designed to provide Internet connectivity around the world through a series of satellites strategically placed around the earth.

These satellites are supposed to be closer to the earth than most satellites and thus offer a really good internet connection to the assigned area.

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