Apple Counterfeits: To avoid being fooled – and endangered – by fake cables

It's official: Apple still has a few things to announce, and it will be released on October 30 at a Brooklyn, New York

event with the slogan "There is more in making" The Apple Store sent the members of the press, chances are the company is about to introduce another batch of new products before the Christmas shopping season begins seriously.

Here are the devices that we expect to receive updates – and the Apple products you should not and should not buy in the next few weeks.

iPad Pro

Apple made a modest update to the regular iPad early in the year, adding support to the company's pen stylus and giving the tablet a faster processor. At $ 329, the 9.7-inch tablet is Apple's cheapest iPad and good for most people.

iPad Pro. (Photo: Apple)

If you want more power and use the iPad rather as a more traditional computer, you should be more enthusiastic about the iPad Pro. But while the traditional iPad got a boost this year, the iPad Pro is overdue.

There are rumors that this new event will bring more than a boost. A radical redesign in which the iPad Pro drops the Home button in favor of a design similar to that of the iPhone X, XS and XR is expected, according to Bloomberg. Face Detection Face Detection is expected as a new security method to replace the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Also new: USB-C to charge the tablet, as the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports, replacing the Lightning port that Apple currently uses on all its mobile devices outside of Macs. USB-C is the standard found on most new laptops, tablets and Android phones. So we hope that Apple really accepts the standard for its port requirements.

Should I buy? If you need a new iPad, check out the latest model (known as the 6th generation) or even the 5th generation of last year, if you have it on offer. It's not expected that this regular iPad will receive an update at Apple's event, although some retailers might see their prices drop before the holidays, depending on the pricing of the new pros.

Remember to get an iPad as a computer replacement? Waiting.

Macs and MacBooks

(Photo: Pexels)

Beyond iPads, several members of Apple's Mac line are in need of some upgrades, with the only exception being the MacBook Pro, which was updated in July.

Especially the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air laptops and the Mac mini-desktop are overdue. The Air has not received any significant update for years and received only minor processor updates. It still has roughly the same design as the 2010 model, has no higher-resolution Retina display, and lacks the USB-C ports found on Apple's other MacBook lines.

The 12-inch MacBook has a single USB-C port, but lacks the latest Intel chips that use the MacBook Pro and competing Windows laptops, and has barely since its launch in 2015 changed.

The Mac Mini is now in a similar location and has been overhauled by siblings iMac and iMac Pro in design and specification updates.

After Bloomberg, a new Mac Mini is on its way, as well as a new MacBook Air, which will finally have a more modern design and a high-resolution display. Bloomberg also reports that the new MacBook Air will be cheaper than Apple's other computers, with the company targeting schools.

Should I buy something? With some excitement about another update for the MacBook Pro, professionals watching this machine should press OK. Those considering the 13-inch Pro, 12-inch MacBook or MacBook Air should surely wait to see what Apple is doing here first.

On the desktop side, the Mac Mini almost seems to be a lock on an update, and it's possible that the company used the event to update the specifications on its iMacs and that they were not updated in one Year. The Mac Pro is expected to receive its next update in 2019.

If you are looking for a Mac desktop, you should wait.

AirPods and Beats

Jam out, no cables required. (Photo: / Michael Desjardin)

While AirPods were originally ridiculed for their weird design, they have become an absolute hit for Apple. The earphones launched in 2016 are approaching their second birthday and are ready for an update.

A Report from Bloomberg earlier this year suggests that Apple will give the buds a modest upgrade later this year, adding a new chip and the ability to summon Siri with just your voice, something that comes from Kuo was assisted in his report.

Apple announced that it is also working on a wireless charging case for AirPods to work with its long-delayed AirPower charging mat. It is possible that the case also occurs.

The report also says a more expensive water-resistant, noise-canceling version of AirPods will arrive in 2019. Bloomberg also reports that Apple plans to separate over-the-ear headphones separately from the Beats brand, though these are also expected next year.

Should I buy? If you're looking for AirPods or even Beats headphones, then you should wait and see what comes out of the event on October 30, just like the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Apple Watch


Ed Baig gives a look at the new Apple Watch Series 4. A new key feature: case detection.

The Apple Watch was extensively redesigned in September with a new design, built-in ECG and improved health features in September. While the device may see some discounts approaching as Black Friday, it is in a fairly safe area as rumors go.

Should I buy? Yes, if you're looking for an Apple Watch, you can buy one now.


iPhone XR is expected to be a hit. (Photo: Apple)

As with the Apple Watch, not much is expected of new iPhones. The iPhone XS and XS Max are now available, the XR comes on Friday in the trade and the older 7 and 8 lines were discontinued. No additional new iPhones are expected, though it's possible we can see iOS 12.1 and all of its new emoji there.

Should I buy? As with the Apple Watch, it is likely that there will be many deals and deals around iPhones as we get closer to the holidays. For that reason, it may be worthwhile to wait. As far as there are new devices, Apple seems to get all of it out of his system last month.

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