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Looks like Motorola and Verizon are really going to make another Razr phone – Droid Life

Since a design concept included a foldaway Motorola Razr phone, which was possibly in work, we've been waiting for a sign that our past phone luck will be reborn with a modern twist. We still do not know that a folding Moto Razr is coming, but an unpublished phone has stopped today under the name "Motorola Razr" through Bluetooth Launch Studio. It could happen, boys.

The phone entry was discovered by My Smart Price under the name "Motorola Razr Mobile Phone for VZW carrier". It is also listed with the model number XT-2000.

What does that tell us? As with an FCC review, we see that pre-release phones are being interrupted by Bluetooth Launch Studio. Since Motorola Razr phones have not been launched for years and no Motorola phone is known under the model XT2000, it looks like a new Razr phone will be received.

We should not forget that Motorola has basically confirmed this. It worked on a hinged folding mechanism and did not plan to be at the folding party later than the rest of the industry. I know that we all assumed that they would do something that looked like the old Razr, and that this Bluetooth registration helps to adjust this action, but are things not going well here?

The only big problem for me is this mention of Verizon. It would be a shock to anyone in the industry if Verizon signed an exclusive deal with Motorola to restart the Razr. Motorola and Verizon love exclusive deals with the Razr brand, which annoy everyone. Since Verizon does not get hold of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, they will want something foldable for sale.

I'm excited, though.

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