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Looks like Valve is planning Steam loyalty discounts and rewards

Steam has a lot of loyal players and it appears that Valve has a program in mind to reward long-time users. Evidence of a loyalty reward system has emerged among Steam Datamers that offers reward items, badge levels, and – possibly – discounts on certain games. It also seems that we are getting more opportunities to respond to Steam user reviews.

“Valve is working on loyalty rewards / rewards,” SteamDB developer Pavel Djundik says on Twitter. “There is a points system and a system with which user ratings can be reacted to. Also includes reward items, redeeming points for badge levels, and possibly game discounts. “

The new responses to user reviews would give us more nuanced statements as “helpful”

; or “funny” – some of the possible options are “deep thoughts”, “heartwarming”, “hilarious”, “hot” and “poetry”. . Steam user reviews often draw the line between useful criticism and incredibly stupid joke, so more options would surely be welcome to help us navigate these treacherous waters.

It remains to be seen how – or whether – one of these features appears in Steam, but Valve has shown a tendency to experiment with things like Steam Labs.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates have also leaked if you’re looking for earlier news from the Valve platform. There are also many free Steam games that you can use to check if you want to increase your hours before an in-depth loyalty system.

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