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Lord; #. 39 Christie, you are a tyrant! "Explains Bridget Kelly as the former aide is again sentenced to prison for her role in the Bridgegate scandal.

Bridget Anne Kelly aimed at her former boss and struck angrily at Gov. Chris Christie, having been re-sentenced to 13 months in federal jail for her role in the Bridgegate scandal – and asking how he and others would be asked in his administration escaped control.

Kelly spoke for the first time since her condemnation in the unfortunate plan of political retribution and directed her anger against the governor and its members. Kelly has long kept Christie and others in the Governor's office and knew nothing about the plans of political retribution.

"The fact that I stand at this level instead of others from the Christie government and the governor himself does not prove my guilt. It just proves that justice is not blind, "she said with a prepared statement and sometimes with tears. "It has favorites. It misses the target. The truth is missing. And she chooses winners and losers who sometimes can not be controlled by anyone. "

Kelly said during her seven-week trial, the names of many of the governor's closest associates were heard repeatedly, as was the governor himself.

How could all these men evade justice? ", She asked. Chris Christie was allowed to say without question by anyone that I was an employee at a low level. A woman only good enough to plan menus and invite people to events. And then on the other hand, say that I was somehow powerful enough to close the George Washington Bridge.

She said there was only one person powerful enough to approve, and that was the governor himself.

Kelly said she was silenced and intimidated, but she would not stay calm for longer.

"Mr. Christie, you are a tyrant, and the days when you call me a liar and destroy my life are over," she explained. "The truth is heard, and for the former governor, this truth is inevitable, regardless of lucrative television business or even future campaigns. I intend to take care of it.

A spokesman for the governor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kelly, who served as Christie's deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, the former deputy managing director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, were found guilty in November 201

6 of driving multiple local access roads to the George Washington Bridge tollbooth for four days Year 2013 to have shut down on the roads in Fort Road to create Lee. According to the prosecutors, the system was intended as a retaliatory act against Fort Lee's mayor Mark Sokolich, after the mayor of the Democrats had surpassed the expected support of Republican Christie during the governor's re-election campaign.

Kelly re-sentenced her before US District Judge Susan Wigenton arrived in Newark for a police officer The federal appeals court rejected part of the corruption case against Kelly last year e was originally sentenced to 18 months in prison.

The state prosecutor's office ordered the judge to impose a prison sentence of 13 to 18 months. "Her crime and attempts to cover it up are very serious," said US Attorney Vikas Khanna, a prosecutor. Their behavior is described as "blatant and bold abuse of power," he said, "Kelly rejoiced in a mess that caused her and tried to cover up her crimes."

Wigenton denied the request of defense lawyer Michael Critchley for a house arrest sentence, saying she had played a major role in the conspiracy.

"The facts spoke through the text messages, the testimony, and the evidence," said the judge. "So many people were affected. This is lost in all this. "[WaltoncondemnedKellyto13monthsinfederalprisonHoweverthe46-year-olddivorcedmotheroffourchildrenremainsfreewhileanappealtotheUSSupremeCourtcontinues

During the trial, Kelly testified that she had informed Christie in advance about the plan to close the toll roads. She said she had received her approval for what she considered to be a legitimate traffic study at the time, claiming the email with the "traffic issues" she sent to David Wildstein, the respected thought leader who set up the Roadblock Plan, and referred to the implementation of the traffic study. And she said that the other higher ones in the governor's inner circle all knew what was going on at Fort Lee, long before it had happened, and that no one seemed to care that much.

Wildstein in his testimony, he said, also told Christie during a commemoration ceremony in New York on September 11 of the plan to close the lanes.

Christie was never charged with misconduct and denied any knowledge of the plan, but the high-profile fall relief lowered his presidential aspirations in 2016.

Kelly was the author of the now-infamous "Time for some traffic problems at Fort Lee" which sent just before the orange cones appeared on the local toll roads at the bridge – a message that many saw as a smoking weapon in the case and provided important evidence against them.

Baroni and Kelly were eventually found guilty, The public resources of the Port Authority, which owns the George Washington Bridge, abuse personal Vendetta Wildstein pleaded guilty and was an important witness to prosecutors in the proceedings against Bridgegate. He was sentenced to three years probation and 500 hours of civil service.

In their petition for review before the Supreme Court, Kelly's attorneys have argued that the prosecutor's case criminalized routine political behavior, "federal justice has turned into a ministry of truth for every state official in the nation. "

In their submission, they said that the basis for their belief was the concealment of political motives for an otherwise legitimate act. Seriously, they said that such a legal standard would allow a federal, a federal, or an official to be charged on the basis of nothing more than a claim that someone lied because he claimed to be in the public interest act.

"There's no way this could possibly be the law," they said. "Think of a cabinet secretary who appoints a friend to a public post and declares him best qualified. Or a deputy mayor who orders the repair of the drilled hole to reward her boss's political base – and to justify this for neutral political reasons. "

Earlier this month, Baroni contacted the US Loretto Detention Center in Pennsylvania to serve his 18-month sentence for his role in the Bridgegate case. In his appeal to the Supreme Court, he joined Kelly.

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