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Lori Loughlin loses her lead roles in the Hallmark Channel in the midst of a college recording scandal

LOS ANGELES, California – The Hallmark Channel collapsed on Thursday with favored star Lori Loughlin, a day after being arrested in a college recording conspiracy that put the family-friendly network and extended Hallmark brand in uncomfortable proximity to a headline scandal brought.

"We are saddened by the recent allegations regarding the college admission process," said Hallmark Cards Inc., parent company of the Crown Media Family Networks umbrella group, which owns the Hallmark Channel, in a statement.

"We are no longer working with Lori Loughlin" and have discontinued the development of all productions with the actress for Crown Media channels.

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The company waited Tuesday after a federal investigation involving more than 30 parents, many of whom were prominent. Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, are being charged with paying bribes for their daughters' approval.

Loughlin's career and the Hallmark Channel were closely linked. She was one of the so-called "Christmas queens" who clad a number of popular holiday films, and also starred in the ongoing "Garage Sale Mysteries" movies and in the series "When Calls the Heart".

"It's a channel that feels like family and family, and scandal is obviously the opposite of it," said Laura Ries, a market strategist from Atlanta.

It was about more than the image. "When Calls the Heart" is being recorded in Canada, and a judge ordered Loughlin's passport to be given up in December after reluctantly allowing her to cross the line for work.

Loughlin has not filed a plea in this case, and her lawyer rejected the statement Wednesday after her first appearance in a federal court in Los Angeles. Loughlin's publicist declined to comment on Hallmark's decision to drop it on Thursday.

The actress is not exclusive to Hallmark. She has her role as Aunt Becky for Netflix & # 39; Fuller House & # 39; Reboot of the popular series, which was created in 1

987 on ABC. But the sitcom is only a fraction of the streamer in the stream, while Loughlin has garnered more and more Hallmark real estate since her starring role in "Meet My Mom" ​​in 2010.

She has proven to be a reliable performer. Her vacation movie "Homegrown Christmas" from 2018 was the most watched non-sports cable program of the week in which it aired. In February, the season's six premiere of "When Calls the Heart" was watched by 2.5 million viewers in the series, leaving them behind in "The Walking Dead" on Sunday night cable dramas.

"You definitely have a formula and you have to follow the formula, and if you do not, hold it back and say," You must follow. This is our format. This is what we are doing, "Loughlin said of the Christmas movies last year in an interview with The Associated Press.

She said the severity of rigor was a bit, but called the result" heartwarming "and adding, "They go to bed and have no bad dreams."

The native New Yorker with a sunny smile fitted well to the channel, which specializes in romantic dramas and comedies with a healthy touch, while her media-friendly personality makes it They allowed their shows to be featured on their website and on television appearances

Then on Tuesday the bombshell government came that Loughlin and her husband were among more than 30 parents who paid a consultant to ensure that their offspring was with them The prosecution claims the couple has paid $ 500,000 to their daughters at the Unive rsity of Southern California qualify as crew members, although neither rower is.

Felicity Huffman ("Desperate Housewives," "American Crime") was one of the other prominent parents, including a lawyer, a doctor, and a hedge fund manager, who was charged with fraud.

Sephora also ended its relationship with Loughlin 19-year-old daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli, who launched Sephora's brand make-up range in December, is a well-known influencer with more than 1.4 million Instagram views Folk has a considerable audience on her beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel.

The Associated Press has contributed to this report.

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