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Los Angeles Lakers season opener against Portland Trail Blazers

LeBron James makes his long awaited debut with the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday.

We have you here before, during and after the match against the Portland Trail Blazers with previews, predictions, expert analysis and live response.

Predictions and Projections


Meet the Crew: The Veterinarians

Almost every crew with post-season best Robert has one or two veterans for one-year deals, hoping to find a good fit while maintaining flexibility for the future.

The Lakers have five of them – four newcomers, pl tell us the return Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. How will you fit for LeBron James this season?

Rajon Rondo

Rondo has restored his place in the league in the postseason 2018, reminding everyone that "Playoff Rondo" was still one thing averaging 12.2 APG as the Pelicans reached the second round. Rondo and James have developed a fast connection as the vocal leaders of the group. James publicly longed to play with his smart teammates like Rondo when he dropped him off at a press conference during the NBA Finals. [196591] Is Giannis ready to be MVP? Will the Lakers make the playoffs? What is the Jimmy Butler Fallout? There are many questions to answer this season.

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    "I studied all his playoff performance," said Rondo ESPN. "It's funny [to hear him] to say that I was home because I saw him play, and I just thought, 'How can I make his job a lot easier?'" – Dave McMenamin

    Lance Stephenson

    After all these playoff battles between James & # 39; Heat and Cavs against Stephenson's Indiana Pacers teams, the four-time MVP names Lance one "Dog" in the most loving way. And let's just say, James is glad that the dog is now on his side barking at another tree.

    "When I'm in this place, I feel someone is trying to take something from me," Stephenson told ESPN. "And when I'm out there, I just look at everyone in the opposite team, like," You will not take that from me. You do not want it as much as I do. "… This attitude is contagious and I think it will spread throughout the entire team."

    The Lakers experimented with Stephenson, who played a backup point keeper during the training camp while Lonzo Ball was removed from knee surgery. But his ultimate role will be like a spark plug from the bank. – D.M.

    Michael Beasley

    Beasley is the only player on the Lakers list who has teamed up with James in James's final season in Miami. In that brief time as a teammate, James developed an appreciation for Beasley's advanced offensive capabilities – so much so, sources told ESPN that last season in Cleveland, James & # 39; camp had interest in the Cavs somehow acquire Beasley of New York at the close of trading [OfcoursehewilluseBeasleyforthescoringbuthistruevaluecouldcomewhenheisabletoplayminutesinthe5tohelpwiththeLakers'thinfrontcourtrotationTheytrieditinthewarehouse


    McGee – who spoke of a thin frontcourt that once garnered up to 280 pounds as his favorite game weight – is thanks to a 240 this year vegan diet that has allowed him to stay in the league for so long. With an average of less than 10 MPG on the Warriors, he welcomes an expanded role in the Lakers, but that depends on how often coach Luke Walton relies on his small ball setups. Nevertheless, McGee showed enough potential in training camps to make it clear that he will be an integral part of the team throughout the season.

    – DM

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

    The Lakers banking – exactly $ 12 million for the year – that Caldwell-Pope will shoot even better than he did last season 13.4 PPG has averaged 38.3 percent 3-point shooting. Caldwell-Pope fought for suspended sentences during a suspended sentence of 25 days, but the guard shot better than 42 percent in January, February, and March.

    Walton has instructed KCP to shoot whenever he is open shot. After not signing a single shooting specialist in the freelance agency, the Lakers are among the best 3-point shooters of the season. – Ohm Youngmisuk

    Meet the Crew: The Young Guys [196519170] Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE on Getty Images

    James knows he must rely on these players – all 23 years or younger – Bring youthful energy during the season.

    "I'm an energetic person," James said. "I just like being an energy giver and not a seeker."

    Asked if the prospects of the Lakers are energy sources, James said, "That's why I'm here."

    Brandon Ingram

    From the moment James first spoke as Laker in the preseason, he focuses on Ingram – he develops chemistry, builds his self-confidence. Ingram could be the most important laker alongside James, and he's best suited to be LA's top scorer, No. 2.

    We've got you covered as a new season of storylines begins across the league.

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    He made an average of 16.1 PPG and 5.3 RPG, while he also scored big points last season in Ball's absence. The Lakers will give Ingram the chance to become a playmaker, but he will have to do the most damage when he reaches the bottom and is done. He moves seamlessly and attacks a barrel of the ball while James pulls the best defender of the opponent. Ingram has to become a consistent defensive force with his length and at the same time tear down open 3s. – O.Y.

    Kyle Kuzma

    Kuzma came into the camp after working to add weapons to his offensive arsenal. But the most important thing he added was muscle. Kuzma spent much of the preseason getting used to the game center, which could be crucial to the success of the Lakers. Walton wants to grow small and load the ground with offensive weapons and interchangeable defenders.

    If Kuzma can defend the defense, he could prevent James from playing in small midfield battles and perhaps limiting the problems for McGee. – OY

    Lonzo Ball

    After tearing a meniscus in the offseason, Ball has to remain in the court after being 30 games in the last season due to injuries had missed. His rebound, ability to increase speed and transition could help him thrive.

    With more versatile scorers and playmakers around him and less in the limelight, Ball could take a step forward, but he must catch and shots. It also remains to be seen how much he plays, because Rondo has already established himself as a leader and likely starter. – OY

    Josh Hart

    Hart made massive strides in the offseason, winning the Las Vegas Summer League MVP honors and showing he can be more than a 3-and-less -D guy. Hart proved that with his ability to do all the little things, he can be a valuable starter – defend, hit back, knock down the open shot, and finish.

    Hart was the best defender of the Lakers in the post as a rookie, and he worked on the 4-spot in the offseason for possible small-ball lineups. James will appreciate hardness, versatility and overall solid consistency. – OY


    Andrew D. Amber / NBAE on Getty Images

    The Atlas of LeBron James: How the King Became an Offensive Force

    "The story of James, who has evolved from inefficient rookie to NBA top scorer, is one of the players learning how to attack defenses with his wild mix of speed and strength to create scoring opportunities in color now. " – Kirk Goldsberry

    In the Lakers' plan to accelerate the pace with LeBron

    "The 2018-19 Lakers, with all their fresh parts and their mix of young people During the training camp, X marked the spots deep in the corners – recorded on the field by Lakers coach Luke Walton – as a reminder of where he wanted to accelerate his wings when the ball is in the possession of the ball Comes – Dave McMenamin [196599] Must-see video