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Los Angeles Lakers' Sentinel Lonzo Ball is working with the co-owner of the Big Baller Brand on allegations for which $ 1.5 million is being discounted – ESPN

The Los Angeles Lakers Sentry, Lonzo Ball, has lost the connection to a co-founder of Big Baller Brand because of concerns that the longtime family friend has a criminal past, and the whereabouts of around 1.5 Millions of dollars are not sufficiently taken into account by Ball's private and business accounts.

Ball told ESPN that he believes that Alan Foster, a friend of Lonzo's father, who has owned 16.3 percent of Big Baller Brand for nearly a decade, "used his access to my business and personal finances" I myself decided to separate all relationships with Alan with immediate effect.

Foster has served as general manager for all companies of the Ball family, including as a limited liability company in 2014. Foster maintained a close friendship with the Ball family, which began in 2010 when Lonzo and Fosters It was Foster, father of Lonzo, LaVar Ball, who helped persuade him to found a shoe and apparel company that would provide for his three basketball player sons instead of giving Lonzo one of the guaranteed guaranteed sons signing millionaire endorsement deals offered by established footwear companies such as Nike and Adidas.

According to documents and e-mails reviewed by ESPN, questions about Foster's business decisions and communications first came to Lonzo and LaVar last fall This adviser, Humble Lukanga of Life Line Financial Group, stated in an e-mail In October, Lonzo's personal taxes and Big Baller's taxes could not be completed in time, as the whereabouts of $ 1.5 million could not be accounted for.

Sources Near Ball Family told ESPN that Lonzo had expressed his concerns to Foster several times in recent months, but had moved to LaVar to deal with the situation.

It was not until this week that LaVar was commenting on the same sources as Lukanga's e-mail warnings and documents, having traveled overseas in the fall with his younger sons. The sources described LaVar as "stunned" when the e-mails and documents were read to him. LaVar declined the comment, but made a statement to ESPN, describing the situation as "devastating".

"I've always believed in the best in people, and I regretted having faith in Alan Foster to handle my son's business affairs," LaVar said. "At the end of the day, the family comes first, and I wholeheartedly support Zo, and together we'll do it right."

When he was contacted by ESPN last week to talk about his past and the Big Baller brand, Foster initially offered to arrange a personal meeting with LaVar at the Ball Estate in Chino Hills, California. Repeated attempts to reach Foster from this perspective by e-mail, telephone calls and SMS messages this week were not answered. Late on Thursday night, he suggested meeting in person on Friday at the Ball Estate, but proposed late Friday mid-next week because he was "super busy"; Otherwise, he offered no comment.

Two weeks ago, an ESPN reporter in an interview with Lonzo, who handled various legal and extrajudicial issues, asked questions about the status of Big Baller Brand and whether he knew this. Foster had a criminal record that involved financial misdeeds. In 2002, Foster was sentenced to more than seven years in prison after being guilty of fraud involving post fraud and two money laundering. This happened as part of a system in which 70 investors were cheated in the amount of 4 million US dollars. Foster was also asked to pay the victims 3.7 million US dollars to the restitution.

Lonzo said he was unaware of this story and would consider the matter. Several sources close to the Balls reported to ESPN that Lonzo soon after began asking questions about Foster's past to his family and re-examining Lukanga's allegations.

The same sources told ESPN that Lonzo's personal manager Darren Moore posed to Lonzo and Lukanga for a separate matter last month regarding Foster's taxes in connection with the revenue from the lucrative Facebook Watch reality series "Ball in the Family ". Moore told ESPN that he had unsuccessfully attempted to determine through Foster whether expenses and revenues associated with the series had been properly allocated by Foster. Moore declined to answer further questions, but made a statement this week distancing himself from Foster.

"Alan Foster was more than a trusted advisor," said Moore. "He was a mentor, a father figure, and someone whom Lonzo and I respected, loved, and listened to … I'm proud of Lonzo that I woke up and regained his power, and together we'll fight for justice." [19659013LautdenvonESPNinWyomingeingereichtenGründungsdokumentenbesitztLonzo51ProzentderMarkeBigBallerundseinVater164ProzentLonzosMutterundFosterbesitzenjeweils163ProzentObwohlLonzoineinerErklärungsagteerhabealleVerbindungenzuFosterabgebrochenwaresamDonnerstagunklarwiediegeschäftlichenBeziehungengelöstwerdenwürdenQuelleninderNähederBällesagtenLonzohabedieEntscheidungzunächstvonseinemVaterunabhängiggemachtUnklarbliebauchamDonnerstagwelchegeschäftlichenBeziehungenzwischenLaVarundFosterbestehenbleiben

The first big concerns over the finances of Lonzo and Big Baller Brand came in the fall, when Lukanga sent two emails to Lonzo and LaVar about a financial survey that raises questions.

In an October e-mail he wrote to Lonzo and his dad under the headline "Urgent – $ 1.5 Million Missing", Lukanga wrote that he had failed Foster-Track where $ 1.5 million in cash is [gone]. "Lukanga wrote that he repeatedly asked Foster for transactions that totaled this amount, but Foster" does not report bills or receipts for those expenses. He does not even give me the number of sales people he says paid him. I NEVER SEE A COMPANY THAT HAS PAYED WITH THE MILLION IN CHECKOUT … Only you and Alan can withdraw cash and I know that you have not lost $ 1.5 million … HOW THE MONEY ???

Lukanga added two items to the email that reported allegedly inexplicable cash withdrawals from Big Baller Brand and transactions between BBB and Foster's business, Marathon Consulting Inc. "More than $ 1.5 million has disappeared and he has wired over $ 474,000 to himself through Marathon Consulting (see attached report). Nearly $ 2 million touched Alan's hands, but $ 1.5 million of it disappeared in cash and can no longer be traced, "wrote Lukanga.

The fate of $ 1.5 million remains unclear.

End of November Lukanga Lonzo no longer represented although he was recruited by Lonzo in the last few days.

"My goal in this life is to protect, serve and educate families; especially black families, "wrote Lukanga in his October e-mail." It breaks my heart when the Ball family is exploited; I love the family, things do not suit the business … "

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