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Lowry on Kawhi – "I do not help him enough"

PHILADELPHIA – Kawhi Leonard was sensational on Thursday in the 116-95 defeat of the Toronto Raptors against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference semifinal match. Pascal Siakam was also pretty good.

The rest of the Raptors? Not so much.

However, none of the remaining Raptors has any experience with the franchise Kyle Lowry makes. Lowry, who scored seven points in a 2-1

0 shooting and was a minus 28 minus in 38 minutes, said the Raptors would have to help Leonard out – especially for him.

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"We have to help him," Lowry said to ESPN. "I literally said it during the game, we have to help him, he's doing everything he can possibly do offensively and defensively to find raffles, and I'm not helping him enough."

"I do not prefer it to anyone but me on.

Meanwhile, a bad night got worse than Lowry after he had unhooked . Ben Simmons in the first half seemed to be taking an elbow in the groin of Simmons in the first half of Thursday's defeat by him None of the referees seemed to be watching the game and the game continued uninterrupted, as both were kicked out of a game in Philadelphia in January and in the Simmons apologized to Lowry at halftime

"Yeah, he said it at halftime," said Lowry ESPN. "Said he did not want it. Scott [Foster, the referee] did not call it on the ground. It's not like I'm dealing with it or cursing it. It happened. It is over now.

"We kicked our butts, it did not matter."

Kyle Lowry from Toronto, right, he says he must aggressively upgrade in support of teammate Kawhi Leonard if the Raptors even want their playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday. Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE on Getty Images

Asked if Lowry believed the league should check the game for possible retroactive punishment, he said to ESPN, "Personally, I'm not going to go any further We're bigger things to roast than anything that happened in the first [half] or whatever. "

These included, in particular, both Lowry and Center Marc Gasol, who made them more offensive , For all the (understandable) conversations about Philadelphia's starters entering this series, the starting fifths of Toronto also have a lot of star power.

Leonard and Siakam (20 points) did their part. Danny Green (13 points in 34 minutes) was not bad either. Lowry and Gasol, on the other hand, five or three-time All-Stars, did not come up to production in their glittering CVs. Both looked passive. Gasol was 2 to 6, scoring 26 points in 29 minutes.

Philadelphia meanwhile received dominant performances from Joel Embiid (33 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 blocks) and Jimmy Butler (22 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists) and all five starters were in double digits.

"We are selfless and we have to be more selfish," Lowry told ESPN. "We need to help Kawhi and Pascal to score more points and become more assertive."

"We are only very, we are passive. We are too passive for a mistake.

Nick Nurse, Raptors coach, would agree, saying that after the game, the Raptors will not have a chance to complete the series unless his team shows more effort and energy in Game 4 on Sunday afternoon

"Yes, I think we've been surpassed in almost every area we could be played in," Sister Nurse said, "Only in physicality, energy, cut, rebound, passing – you know, all that stuff – we were thoroughly played and it's been a while. Law? It's been a while since we saw this team like this.

"I think the first shot, we have to do it, I think we all have to play a lot harder: we'll have to play a lot more physical, if we do not, the nicest things we wanted to do offensively "Not big deal."

Leonard, who was spectacular in defeat and ended up with 33 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists trying to keep Toronto in the game, did not say much about Toronto's performance could be described as pretty. In addition to Leonard, Siakam and Green, the Raptors were a combination of 10 to 36 from the ground – including 2 to 14 from a 3-point area.

Most of this burden, however, falls on Lowry. He is the only remnant of Toronto in the playoff failures of recent years – after Dwane Casey was fired and DeMar DeRozan was traded for Leonard last summer.

He was already in this place before. His teams were not in the playoff series. He was criticized for his play in bad Raptors losses.

However, he was not there when he played alongside Leonard, for whom Toronto had been especially dedicated to bringing the Raptors to places they had never been to. [19659027] Leonard seemed to be able to lift the Raptors on Thursday as he did over and over in this postseason. Also Siakam has risen in his third season in the league. But if the Raptors want to do that series with Philadelphia, they need Lowry to play much better in his hometown in Game 4 on Sunday than he did on Thursday.

"I have to play better," Lowry said to ESPN. "Literally, the only thing that matters is I have to play better, nothing else is important, plus-minus, loads, everything Nothing else is important I have to score the ball and play offensive

" If I can Come closer Where I can be, it would be another series. We may be a bit better than 2: 1, but that was the way it was for me all year. It has been an exciting year for me, and I can not limit myself to anything, but I will keep trying to get better at some point.

"I hope it is Sunday."

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