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Lucas Giolito makes the second career end

MINNEAPOLIS – Lucas Giolito looked as if he was having fun when the White Sox starter dismantled the Twins – one of baseball's top offensives – during a 4-0 win at Target Field on Wednesday afternoon.
Giolito moved and danced between the innings around the dugout, keeping his focus, but Lucas Giolito looked like he was having fun when the White Sox starter dismantled the twins of the top offensives of baseball – during a 4 : 0 victories on Wednesday afternoon on Target Field.

Giolito moved and danced between the innings around the dugout, keeping his focus but not losing his energy. He raised his hands to celebrate in the air after midfielder Adam Engel had brought Nelson Cruz into the lead after falling 3-0.

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When Max Kepler emerged for second from sixth, Giolito hit the glove and pointed to catcher James McCann before third baseman Ryan Goins even made the catch. Life is good for Giolito, and why should not it be like this?

Winning on Wednesday was Giolito's third full game this season – just one example of his excellence.

"Two real ones," a smiling Giolito said, pointing to something on May 18 against the Blue Jays, was credited with a complete game for a rain-shortened five-inning attempt.

Giolito improved his past by 36 points with his 12-percent no-walk performance on Wednesday 21 innings. He was the first White Sox pitcher since Gary Peters in 1963, who completed nine innings without permitted walks and with more than 12 strikeouts.

"I would say that's about as good as we've seen it all year. "Twins manager Rocco Baldelli said," We've seen some really good starting pitchers. He is a good man, but he took part in his game today. "

" The work I did during the off-season, which I always did with confidence, put me in a good position to do that. Said Giolito, who threw 82 of his 115 pitches – most pitches he threw in his career – for strikes. "In particular, this game [being] was the last game in the series. I really wanted to do my best and give us the best odds. "

An early sign of Giolito's dominance was three fights from the first innings, when Giolito beat Cruz – the same Cruz who started three homers ahead of Giolito when she last joined With a fastball of 94.8 miles per hour and a 2–2 result, Chicago's July 25 hit in Chicago on July 25, with most of the members of Minnesota having the same success or shortage as Cruz, throwing eight on the fifth, nine on the night sixth and twelfth in seventh place and eliminated twelve in a row until Jonathan Schoop clinched a double victory in eighth place.

Minnesota only scored three goals, with one of them being a colorful single by Jorge Polanco (19459006) Giolito was the first White Sox starter with more than 11 rashes in three consecutive launches since Chris Sale made it from May 28 to June 19, 2015 (five consecutive). His nine victories on the road this season have been topped by a White Sox pitcher since Jon Garland was 12: 4 in 2006.

Jose Abreu drove in two runs and gave him 96 RBIs for this season. His three goals leave him three out of 1,000 for his career. The seasoned First Baseman has noticed a big difference in the focus of Giolito's hill this season.

"He's a very talented guy," Abreu said of the interpreter Billy Russo. "This year he has focused on every place. He worked on it. "

" His focus and aggressiveness on pitch # 1 was incredible, "said McCann. "There was a focus for each pitch to make that pitch. There have not been many mistakes today, if any. "

Giolito's performance was the first failure of a White Sox thrower against Minnesota since on 5 September 2011, Zach Stewart delivered a perfect match within six outs to Zielfeld in the second double-header game. He helped the White Sox make its first series victory at Target Field on April 14 and 16, 2017, and spread its energy and joy throughout the team.

"Why not always be myself and that usually dances around, hops around, sometimes acts a little crazy," Giolito said. "I like to stay with myself when I'm out there doing my thing."

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