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Luke Voit pays Rays back as best as possible for Yankees

This was the best way for Luke Voit to recover from his recent break-in, and the best possible retaliation for the holes that had annoyed him so much against the Rays last weekend. A run and a 4: 3 comeback Victory on Friday night at the stadium allowed them to skip Tampa Bay to first place in the AL East.

"When the fire started, I had no doubt in my head. [we would win] "said Voit, who scored three goals in the second game of the DoubleHeader sweep against Orioles on Wednesday, a 0-to-22 deficit and three more goals on Friday night." I was in my head over things.

"After the first game against Baltimore, I just said," Shit, it can not get any worse. "I just have to go back, have fun and smile."

Voit was barely in a smiling mood last Saturday He hit a batsman with a 95-mph ball from Rays Relief Yonny Chirinos on the left upper arm ̵

1; dangerously close to his head – after DJ LeMahieu hunted a homerun.

"It's just me, it's my shoulder, it's frustrating. I'm not saying it was or not [trying to hit me]. He can beat me somewhere else. It's only when the time comes, a sketchy situation that can end your career, "Voit said after the game.
he could and it came away. That's why I was so mad.

Voit is in a much better mood after scoring six goals in seven bats in the last two games, including a single in the fourth inning on Friday and a double-to-left goal in the sixth

with a 3 Yankees' ninth-ranked defeat brought Voit Rays closer to Jose Alvarado's first pitch behind Gary Sanchez at his eleventh home game of the season. The fourth win in a row went to Gio Urshela's RBI double over Kevin Kiermaier's head in midfield.

"It was really impressive to reach this level of bats against this guy [Alvarado] and Luke had a great opportunity to get it going," said Aaron Boone.

"It's always nice to come back, and I feel like we've come back so often." Incredible, "said Voit, who has been Homer's 81 games as a Yankee since his takeover of St. Louis on July 28th." That's the funniest team I've ever played for. "Night after night is getting better. Only the trust that we have.

"We knew we had a 3-1 chance, even though we were facing Alvarado. It does not matter who we are dealing with. Of course it's crazy to think it could happen, but do you know what? Just go on. "

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