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Lunar landing SHOCK: Neil Armstrong admitted that it was a fraud in the 2005 interview news

Neil Armstrong led NASA's historic Apollo 11 lunar landing 50 years ago this month and launched into space on July 16, 1969. Just four days later, on July 20, Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon with astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. But half a century ago, when Armstrong, Aldrin, and Command Module pilot Michael Collins waved to the public one last time before the start, not everything was as it seemed. Now, on the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, an incredible 60-minute program on CBS from 2005 reveals how Commander Armstrong really felt that day on Hero, "the astronaut admitted that his brave face was one Kind of lie was.

Armstrong asked for his vote of confidence on that day: "Yes, but it was a small deception, I admit.

"Do you know The reality looks like you often get up there, get up in the cockpit and somewhere something goes wrong and goes back downstairs.

"So when you actually take off, that's a surprise." [1

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Exactly 50 years ago, the three Apollo 11 astronauts climbed into a powerful Saturn 5 rocket aimed at the moon. [19659003] The last days of the astronauts before the launch of Apollo 11 were captured in a series of shots in front of the camera ivating NASA photos.

And the three men were photographed on July 16 leaving the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with Commander Armstrong at the wheel.

The astronaut entered the launch pad with a thumb bravely in the air as the astronauts waved goodbye.

Armstrong and his crew then took a transporter to launch complex 39A, where their spaceship was waiting for them.

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Then Apollo 11 flew out of Florida (USA) at exactly 2.30pm CEST (9.32am East) and left the Earth for space ,

Despite all the uncertainties the astronaut had in the finale minutes before the start, NASA Commander Armstrong has been remembered as a "humble giant" and as one of America's "greatest explorers".

Armstrong died on August 27, 2012 at the age of 82 years of cardiovascular disease.

Buzz Aldrin who gems When accompanying Armstrong on the Moon, he recently revealed his grief when he and his friend

Robert Behnken, then head of the NASA Astronaut Office, did not celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 "Neil Armstrong was a very personal inspiration to us at the Astronaut Office.

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"His historic step on the lunar surface became the basis for many of our personal dreams to become astronauts.

"The only thing that overshadowed his accomplishments was his humility over these achievements.

" We will miss him as a friend, mentor, researcher, and ambassador to the American spirit of ingenuity. "Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin were named recipients of the US President's Medal of Honor on July 24, 1969 after their safe return to Earth.

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