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MacKenzie Lueck is dead. The police are charged with murdering people who have been arrested.

Ayoola Ajayi, 31, was jailed on suspicion of serious murder, abduction, desecration, and obstruction of justice after a SWAT team arrested him on Friday morning in a residential complex in the West Temple, Salt Lake said Mike Brown, chief of the city police.

"I will not say the killer's name again," Brown said.

Lück's family published a brief statement in which they thanked the police and others who helped with the investigation.

The one-year-old student from the University of Utah has been missing since June 1

7, when she returned from California to Salt Lake City, where she attended her grandmother's funeral. Her parents reported missing her on June 20, and the search has since garnered national attention.

The arrest took place two days after the police had served a search warrant in a Rose Park home and bags were being carried out of the house. They said that the search is also related to the disappearance of Lueck and that the homeowner is a "person of interest". The homeowner is Ajayi and Salt Lake City police chief Mike Brown said the last person Lueck talked to on her phone was Ajayi.

In an interview, Brown said that Ajayi claimed that he sent Lueck a text message at 6:00 pm on June 16 but had no further contact with her. He said he did not know what Lueck looked like and that he had not seen any photos or an online profile.

Witnesses watched him burn gasoline in his backyard on June 17 and 18. The police carried out a forensic excavation. According to Brown, the police found evidence, including human tissue and personal belongings associated with Lück.

Ajayi, who does not have a criminal past in Utah, used to live less than a quarter of a mile from Hatch Park in North Salt Lake, the last place Lueck was seen.

A friend of Ajayi, who lived with him in the house for a few years, said in 2018 that the allegations are stunning for a man who carefully paid attention to his image as an educated, cultured professional. According to Ajayi's LinkedIn profile, he worked in information technology for Dell, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Comcast and the US Army. He also worked as a model for fine art photos.

"He's definitely a guy who likes to perform," said Sakari Moore, who said he had met Ajayi for the first time when they were in elementary training along with the US Army at Fort Jackson, SC, in January Moore moved to Utah in 2018 and temporarily moved into ground floor space for which Ajayi had promoted Airbnb.

"AJ was a very smart guy, he knew his stuff. That's why it's a little shock. I can not really imagine how well he's read with computers, customers and customers, "said Moore. "AJ is the guy who says, 'Hey, let's go to the Asian supermarket and buy some crabs and go home and have something to eat.'"

As a roommate, Ajayi also has some anger issues, "said Moore. He would suddenly become "angry and disturbing" in small matters, Moore said, such as disagreements about the arrangement of the furniture or the heat setting in cooking.

"He is told nothing but his manner, Moore said. "He breaks loose or loses control, [then] he returns to his sweet self."

Moore said he had moved out because the tension was too stubborn.

"I was nervous about his polarity because of the polarity. [was] Change very fast," he said.

But Moore said he never saw Ajayi violent, neither to him nor to anyone else.

"I can not really imagine that he is this vicious person," Moore said.

Moore said he was not sure how Ajayi could relate. Ajayi entertained many different women while Moore lived there, Moore said, but he had no long-term romantic relationships.

In fact, Moore said he did not even know Ajayi was married. Ajayi and his ex-wife married in Texas in 2011 and split in 2017. According to court records, the divorce was completed in January.

Ajayi wrote a crime novel in 2018 titled "Forge Identity". According to the author's biography, he was born and raised in Africa. His national origin is unknown, but the characters in the book live in Nigeria.

"[Ajayi] has survived a tyrannical dictatorship [and] escaped a real crime," reads the bio-states. "He was a salesman, a businessman and a writer."

An action summary on Goodreads.com states that "Forge Identity" is a character named Ezekiel, who is 15 years old when he witnesses two murders of trauma, is lured to a life of crime.

"Ezekiel must decide whether to join the ranks of a criminal mastermind or fight to escape the tyranny that has surrounded his young life. Or even beat them in their own game, "it says in the summary. "If trust is lost, can he trust himself?"

Moore said he did not know when Ajayi moved to the United States. In his LinkedIn profile, Ajayi writes that he studied computer science at Utah State University from 2009 to 2017. However, an attached curriculum vitae states that he studied at London South Bank University in London from 2011 to 2015. At some point in 2017, he received unemployment benefits and in 2016, he was a defendant in eviction proceedings in Davis County. According to LinkedIn profile, he has been working in the IT department since 2017.

Airbnb reviews for Ajayi's home date from September 2018, describing him as a "great, responsive host" and "friendliest person".

Moore Ajayi did not rigorously review the guests, and there were some "who looked like they were homeless and never cleaned up," Moore said. He wondered if any of them were involved in Luck's disappearance.

"I'm not sure what characters he can live in his house that could have done that," Moore said.

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