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Macron is stepping up its bid to save the Iran deal

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French President Emmanuel Macron has a busy agenda in Washington, but is the most pressing question on the table: his bid President Trump should not scrap the nuclear agreement with Iran

Trump scolds the pact of the Obama era on the grounds that it would do nothing to check the missile development in Iran or its destabilizing influence in the Middle East. International observers, a multitude of foreign governments, and even Trump government officials acknowledge that Iran is abiding by the agreement that grants Tehran sanctions in return for strict restrictions on its nuclear program.

For the US's Most Important European Allies, The 2015 Agreement, drawn up after months of concerted diplomacy, remains the best way to review Iran's nuclear ambitions and prevent a North Korean crisis from erupting in the Middle East. They also see their preservation as a test of transatlantic relations. This is the message that Macron will be giving before a joint session of the congress on Wednesday, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is likely to repeat the point when she arrives in Washington later in the week.

For months, British, German and French officials have been discussing "fixing" the existing agreement with the Trump administration. At a White House press conference, Macron presented some of the key discussed measures, including proposals to tighten sanctions on the Iranian ballistic missile program and to limit the limits of its nuclear program beyond 2030. [17] On Tuesday, Trump had not followed the impression European requests. In public sessions alongside Macron, Trump denounced the existing business as "ridiculous," "horrible," and "crazy," declaring that it was built on "lazy" foundations. He threatened Iran "with a high price" if it resumed its nuclear program if the deal collapsed.

Trump hits a few sheds of Macron's jacket during a meeting at the Oval Office on April 24th. Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

In the run-up to Macron's visit, the consensus seemed to be the deal that was actually doomed to fail . Trump will have to decide by 12 May whether he can lift sanctions on Tehran over his nuclear program, a move that could bring down the nuclear deal. The appointment of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, both vehement anti-Iranian hawks, as National Security Advisers and Secretary of State, indicated that a new era of confrontation was imminent.

"The decision to go is pretty much made," said a person familiar with the government's CNN mindset about Iran, which, according to the person, implicated the White House in a game of marginal note "Positioned in this way, but it retains the possibility to keep an eye on Europeans should be able to obtain concessions from Iran" Trump takes the Europeans basically as a hostage value threatens to kill the agreement, unless they pay ransom. France, Germany and Britain bravely sought a way out of Trump's crisis to meet President's demands while remaining true to their own commitments, "write Robert Malley and Colin Kahl, two former officials Obama negotiate the deal. "They do not do so because they agree that the deal needs urgent repair. Not you. Rather, they are rightly worried that Trump will make an ideologically inspired and fact-free decision to demolish them, with profound negative consequences for their national security interests.

Already at that time, as Barbara Slavin of the Atlantic Council remarked, the Europeans would have to turn around and somehow try to sweeten the deal for Tehran. "If Europe hopes that its first diplomatic achievement can survive, it also has some gestures to Iran and not just agree to new sanctions related to Iran's missile program and regional interventions, "wrote Slavin.

It could be just too complicated a problem that is worth solving on a visit to New York this week Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told the media that Iran would likely move away from the agreement if the United States broke its agreement, and timidly hinted that Trump would set a dangerous precedent ahead of planned nuclear talks with North Korea.

"I think the United States does not want the message to the If you negotiate with the United States, the United States will come back after you have reached an agreement and tell you: "I do not like these parts of the deal and I want them to be renegotiated," Zarif told Steve Inskeep from NPR.

So the Deck Is Against Each Other Macron's Efforts This Week On Tuesday, he confidently questioned Trump's allegations about the Iran deal, underlining his importance as a means of containing Iran's influence and ignoring the attempts of the American President, behaving condescendingly towards him Trump loudly declared that he was cleaning Macron's scales from his shoulders. At the end of their joint press conference, Macron's Twitter account invited one of the many tight hugs the duo had shared over the past 36 hours 9659017] Trump has repeatedly emphasized how much he likes his French counterpart personally. With the emphasis on Trump's personal connection, Macron can be uniquely positioned to convince its counterpart. "If Trump does not blow up the JCPOA on May 12" official Obama official tweeted Jon Wolfstahl using the acronym for the Iran deal, "then President Macron will pull a rabbit out of his hat and have shown that personal relationships with Trump can change his mind and his political choices. "

" Macron has great faith in his ability to win people over, "said Harvard scholar and French expert Arthur Goldhammer Slate Isaac Chotiner , "He thinks he's very compelling, he's always used older, powerful characters in his own career, and I think he sees Trump in the same way as someone who can be useful and can only be met by flattery."

The next few weeks will prove whether the French president's most significant charm offensive actually worked.

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