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Madison Beer stops BottleRock after Shooter Scare from the crowd

Madison Beer

Stops BottleRock Concert

After shootout from the crowd

26.05.2013 12:28 PDT

Madison Beer interrupted her lunchtime concert shortly after a shock broke out in the crowd below – which ended with the removal of a man now banished from the grounds.

Everything went down Saturday night at the BottleRock Festival in Napa, CA ̵

1; where Madison was performing Radiohead's "Creep" when she abruptly stopped whining and ran to the side stage in panic after seeing something in the crowd.

In the video of the incident, Madison can be heard talking to her stage managers frantically and saying … "What's up? Yo, yo, everyone's paying attention. What's going on ?!" Then she turns to the audience and asks her to withdraw, seemingly warning her of the action on the ground.

The video starts to shake, but catches a glimpse of what an older gentleman looks like. A green one Mantle wandering about in an area that seems close to the stage front and surrounded by nobody else. The people flee the scene and react to a possible shooting situation.

Another video shows police offers in which the same man is handcuffed away.

The Napa police later clarified what had happened , and said the police had responded to a failure and booted the guy they identified as the responsible party. NPD says that no weapons were involved and that there was no active threat to the community.

It's unclear what the guy might have done to scare Madison like that, but whatever it was … it definitely shook her and her fans. Madison's mother later wrote about it, saying it was sad that we live in a world where concertgoers can not enjoy themselves without looking over their shoulder.
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