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Main Night: 6 takeaways from the big races on Tuesday

But many of these races remained undecided on Wednesday morning, and there are many more ballots to count.

A democrat will advance CNN projects on the departure of Darrell Issa district. But in two other republican districts that the party was worried about – those of Dana Rohrabacher and the retired Rep. Ed Royce – it is still unclear whether a Democrat will come to the parliamentary elections.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein sailed through her primaries, although it remains unclear who she will face in the parliamentary elections. Gavin Newsom, a former mayor of San Francisco, became one of the governors-run parliamentary elections and met with Republican John Cox, who was backed by President Donald Trump.

But some important home contests were yet to be decided, while the counting was continued overnight.

Here are six more takeaways from the most important night of the political calendar of 201


Another Great Night for Female Candidates

Following a trend that was evident during the primaries of 2018, Tuesday was another grand night for female candidates, some of whom took steps to break the gender barriers of their states.

In South Dakota, Republican Republican Kristi Noem won the area code and is now likely to become the state's first female governor.

In Iowa, the Democrats Cindy Axne and Abby Finkenauer became the first female members of the state.

And in New Mexico, Democrat Deb Haaland's victory brings them to become the nation's first American congressman.

Montana's Battle of the Flat Feet

Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester now has his Republican challenger, according to a CNN projection: State Auditor Matt Rosendale.

Rosendale's victory means that the two best flat haircuts in politics face a state in which Trump became big in 2016, making testers a frequent target.

It was a long way to Rosendale for the Republicans. Initially, Ryan Zinke – a former Congressman who is now Trump's Home Secretary – was the preference of the national GOP leader for the seat. Her second choice, Attorney General Tim Fox, also existed. This made Rosendale the preference of the establishment.

The brand tester has already come through close races, and Governor Steve Bullock showed in 2016 that Democrats in Montana can win in the Trump era. But this race will be one of the top Republican goals in November.

Has Bernie's power peaked in Iowa?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders pushed Hillary Clinton to the limit during the Iowa Caucus in 2016, a second place that allowed him to start the presidential run.

Sanders seems likely to run again in 2020 and now faces a critical question: is the magic of 2016 still there?

If Pete D & # 39; Alessandro provides clues in Iowa's third congressional district, this answer is no.

D & # 39; Alessandro, Sanders top consultant in Iowa during Caucus 2016, finished a distant third place over Eddie Mauro, a former teacher, and Cindy Axne, a former government official on Tuesday night, according to CNN's projection. [196592002] Sanders, careful with his recommendations, went far beyond D & # 39; Alessandro. He assisted his former advisor in January, traveled to Des Moines in February for a rally, and used the power of his extensive email list to raise funds for D & # 39; Alessandro.

The email supported D & # 39; Alessandros fundraising, but did little to help him catch up with Mauro and Axne, both of whom towered far above Sanders Iowa's former advisor.

Roby faces GOP anger for opposing Trump

Alabama Rep. Martha Roby is sent to a Republican runoff to save her place after failing to reach 50% on Tuesday.

Roby, whose review of Trump's "Access Hollywood" tape in 2016 has brought her a major challenge, will face Bobby Bright – a former Democratic congressman who now rules as a Republican – in a direct match match matchup on 17 May . July.

Roby fell below 50% in part because she pays a political price in deep red Alabama to say in 2016 that she would not vote for Trump.

"I can not look my children in the eye and justify a voice for a man who sexually harasses and praises women," she said then.

If Roby lost the trick, she would be the second House Republican to be defeated in a 2018 presidential election. North Carolina MP Robert Pittenger lost in May to ex-pastor Mark Harris.

Easy sailing for New Jersey Democrats

Two hotbeds of competing House races held their primaries on Tuesday. And while California made Democrats sweat, New Jersey went right on schedule.

Any candidate supported by the Democratic-Electoral Committee and favored by party building has won the victory. In the district of the GOP Rep. Leonard Lance, the former Secretary of State, Tom Malinowski, held a progressive opponent. When retired Republican MP Rodney Frelinghuysen retired, former Navy pilot Mikie Sherrill – one of the strongest Democrat recruits of the 2018 cycle – criss-crossed.

And when the retired MP of the GOP Rep. Frank LoBiondo, Senator Jeff Van Drew, whose conservative positions made him the target of Progressives, crept up, he rolled together.

The Democrat, who unexpectedly took part in the race on Tuesday, was Senator Bob Menendez. Now free of allegations of corruption, Menendez's underfunded and unknown challenger Lisa McCormick showed a surprisingly strong performance. It was a clear sign that a strong challenger could have ousted Menendez.

Democrats hope anti-Trump passion seethes in Missouri

The Democrats, in response to Trump's presidency since the presidency took office in January 2017, 424, received a sizable share of 42 legislative seats in Missouri on Tuesday night.

Democrat Lauren Arthur, a state representative, led Republican Kevin Corlew, also a state representative, to nearly 20% with all districts reporting. The upswing is significant as the district in the suburb of Kansas City supported both Trump in 2016 and Mitt Romney in 2012. In addition, the Republican, who stepped down earlier this year, was re-elected by more than 20 percentage points in 2016

This small seat in Missouri is nationally important? Democratic activists hope the swing will perform strongly in November, with voters ready to blame the president.

But there are also nationwide implications in the game. Tuesday's election was the first time that voters in Missouri went to the polls as Republican Governor Eric Greiten stepped back in disgrace in the midst of a series of scandals. The fact that voters blamed the Republican in this race may be a bad sign for Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who in November is trying to topple the vulnerable Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

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