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Major Airline Drops Mandatory make-up rule


The cabin crew of Virgin Atlantic can now follow the same rules as their male counterparts: if they do not want to wear make-up, they do not have to. The airline says make-up is now optional, but female flight attendants are welcome to choose from "the existing range of makeup under Virgin Atlantic guidelines," reports CBS. Female escorts are also outfitted with pants as part of their uniform rather than requesting them, the airline says. Some low-cost carriers, such as Ryanair, have already eased the requirements, but the decision of established long-distance carrier Virgin to drop compulsory make-up rules is seen as an important change in a conservative industry, reports ] Guardian .

According to Mark Anderson of Virgin Atlantic, the airline "listened" to the views of its employees, reports the BBC. "The new guidelines not only provide more comfort, they also give our team more choice on how to express themselves at work." Virgin rival British Airways still requires make-up from female flight attendants ̵

1; uniform guidelines prescribed by the Guardian urge women to wear lipstick and hide "apparent blemishes …" – but the airline ruled in 2016, allow them to choose pants instead of skirts. (In 2016, American Airlines flight attendants called for full recall of new uniforms that they believed were related to health issues.)

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