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Major Marvel Villain may die thanks to the hand

The landscape of New York City may have just changed in Daredevil # 600.

Spoilers arrive for Daredevil # 1965, so if you have not read the problem yet, you have been warned.

Daredevil # 600 is the culmination of the Mayor Fisk arc, and while many Marvel fans expected major upheavals, they probably did not expect this shake to be Wilson Fisk's life. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened when, at a press conference in front of supporters, the current mayor was stopped in the middle of the speech by an arrow on his chest.

Fisk seems to be completely surprised, and the attackers are exposed as an assassin organization The Hand whipping the kingpin with a series of arrows on his back and chest. When the hand storms the tower, Fisk slumped on the floor and you can see the spoiler picture below.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Even the Kingpin can only record so much, and it looks like it will definitely take a while to preview The next issue shows him being operated on with arrows all over his body. The preview contains the caption "and Fisk's Life in Balance," so it's not 100% that he'll do it

It even looks like this as if he would make it his reign, as the mayor will probably end this as there is already a successor to the mayor job on the line.

Daredevil # 600 was written by Christos Gage and Charles Soule and designed by Ron Garney with a cover by Daniel Mora. The official description follows below.

"A HUGE ANNIVERSARY EDITION, BRINGS YOU THE AIR OF" MAYOR FISK! "Daredevil can see how the machinations of the new mayor come together … but is he timely to stop them? As a guest with the heroes and villains of the New York's Streets … this great theme has a surprising ending that will shake the city to the core! Plus, take a look at the relationship of Foggy & Matt over the years! "

Daredevil # 600 is now in comic shops.

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