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Major Pharma Merger: Takeda buys Shire for $ 62 billion

Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical will become one of the major international players in the biopharma scene with the purchase of its larger Irish rival Shire (shpg)

It is one of the largest pharmaceutical deals in history and the largest ever international acquisition by a Japanese company worth $ 62 billion. And it completes a tense bidding saga in which the Adderall maker made Takeda's shootings four times over.

The deal gives Takeda (tkpyy), a specialist in gastroenterology and cancer, better access to the US market, while Shire's portfolio "Takeda's shares rose 4% and Shire's 3%. [AfewweeksagoTakedaconfirmedthatitwastryingtobuyShireaspecialistinthetreatmentofrarediseasesbystatingthatitslatestproposalwasbeingrejectedatwhichtimeBotoxcompanyAllergan(agn)saidthatShealsoconsideredmakinganoffertoShire-butitonlytookhoursforhertodecide

Less than a week later, Shire's board recommended Takeda's takeover bid as Takeda's shareholders reacted negatively and the company's share price fell 7% , the question arose as to whether the interim contract should last.

On Tuesday ̵

1; the deadline for the deal – Takeda formalized its bid to $ 66.56 per Shire share $ 30.33 in cash, the remainder in the form of .839 of a new Takeda share.

Takeda and Shire said they expect the deal to be completed with Takeda shareholders in the first half of next year. He has about half of combined operations.

"Shire's highly complementary product portfolio and pipeline, as well as seasoned employees, will accelerate our transformation toward a stronger Takeda," said Takeda CEO Christophe Weber. "Together we will be leaders in the targeted treatment of gastroenterology, neuroscience, oncology, rare diseases and plasma-based therapies."

Takeda becomes the only pharmaceutical company with two lists in Tokyo and New York. The merger will also expand its research and development efforts in the Boston area, the companies said.

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