Five years ago, when the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai first came to Pakistan to meet an audience in Taliban after being shot dead, emotions came back – and tears as well. (March 29th)

MINGORA, Pakistan – Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai arrives in her hometown of Mingora on Saturday for the first time since a militant Taliban shot her in 2012 to campaign for the education of girls.

In solitary security, Youzafzai landed with her parents in a military helicopter in the Swat Valley.

According to her uncle Mahmoodul Hassan, Yousafzai went to her home and also planned to meet with her friends and relatives. The safety was visibly improved the previous day in Mingora.

Yousafzai, 20, had asked the authorities to allow her to go to Mingora and Shangla in the Swat Valley, where a school was built by her Malala fund.

Hassan said Yousafzai and her family were not afraid to go to Swat, where Taliban had injured her six years ago.

"We are grateful to the government and army for facilitating this visit," he told the Associated Press

. In October 2012, Yousafzai was shot in the head by a Taliban assassin who jumped into her school bus and roared, "Who is Malala?" She was targeted to talk about the education of girls.

Only 14 when she was shot. Since then, Yousafzai has enthusiastically told the Taliban that they have reinforced their voices instead of silencing them. She has also written a book, spoken to the United Nations and met with refugees

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On Friday, Yousafzai praised the Pakistani army in an interview on the independent news channel Geo for their timely medical treatment. She said her operation was being performed by a military doctor at the "right time." Later she received treatment after the trauma in the UK.

She said she had not been to Pakistan now if she had not been treated quickly. After studying in the UK, she plans to return to Pakistan permanently.

Schoolgirls in Yousafzai's hometown were already cheering when they arrived.

On Thursday, Yousafzai met with Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi at a meeting in his office and delivered an emotional speech in which she said that one of the happiest days of her life was to be back in her country ,

Yousafzai received praise from all over Pakistan on her return, but some social media critics have tried to undermine her efforts to promote girls' education. Yousafzai says she did not understand why educated people rejected her, though she could expect criticism from militant people with a certain attitude.

She told Pakistani media that the majority of Pakistanis support her.

"Those who criticize are absurdly kind of criticisms that make no sense," she said in an interview with Pakistan's newspaper "The News English," which was released on Saturday.

"What I want are people who support my educational purpose and who think about the daughters of Pakistan need education." "Do not think about me, I do not want a favor, or I do not want everyone to accept me, everything that matters to me is that they see education as a problem, "she said.

Since her assault and recovery, Yousafzai has led the Malala Fund, in which she said he has invested $ 6 million in schools, books, and uniforms for schoolchildren. 19659010] Yousafzai became the youngest person to receive the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

In the interview, she said she was sitting in her classroom when news of her Nobel Prize came of her and she was unaware that she was not using her cell phone at the time.

"My teacher came into my classroom and called me outside, I was afraid that I would have done something wrong and I have problems, but she told me I won the Peace Prize, I said thank you, you do not know How you should answer For me, it was upbringing, "she told the newspaper.

She said her trip to Pakistan was also her college break. "That was also one of the reasons, because I could not miss my school, so it finally happened, to be honest, I can not believe I'm here in Pakistan, it still feels like a dream." , she said.

Yousafzai landed in Pakistan just before dawn on Thursday, flanked by heavy security and plans to return to the UK on Monday.

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