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Sanrio and MomentSQ bring Netflix hit Aggretsuko for mobile gamers

Sanrio, AVM, Lab and MomentSQ team up to bring Aggretsuko to mobile gaming based on the hit Aggretsuko Retsuko on Netflix.

Now you can see your favorite red panda on your mobile screen. The launch will be the first official interactive story game based on Aggretsuko, and will be released first on iOS and Android devices in the future, followed by Amazon, Switch and Steam experience, where fans influence the storyline with their decisions can. The format of Aggretsuko is displayed like an instant messaging app, making it easy to chat and play on the go.

From building friendships with Gori, Washimi and many others to experiencing Death Metal life and the times of Retsuko fans, each episode will slowly unravel their secret world. As players join their witty gossip, the ultimate goal is to develop your character to play a key role in the gait.

It will not be easy to make the best decisions Get ready for the deadly rage best reserved for karaoke nights.

Aggretsuko will lead the launch of MomentSQ, the first gaming platform to deliver high-quality stories for different genres (both licensed and new franchises). Developed by AVM Lab, gamers will learn new stories written by well-established authors around the world.

The launch phase includes up to 1

0 releases, including the Emmy Award-winning series "Emma Approved" by Bernie Su; Hit interactive series and games heroes "Rise: The Hero Project" by Zachary Sergi; a high-quality CG animated short version of "Mila" by Cinzia Angelini and an interactive live-action mystery called "Summerland" by Jennie Kong.

Aggretsuko on MomentSQ can now be downloaded through the App Store and the Google Play Store year. Players can buy new episodes if they release them in the coming weeks.

Sanrio announced that Aggretsuko 2017 is the latest of its over 400 characters. The 25-year-old red panda is polite and hardworking in the office, and then metal rages in karaoke bars by night.

Aggretsuko made her global debut on Netflix on April 20, 2018 as an original short animated series; and immediately became a hit through social media @aggretsuko. The series shows Aggretsuko's life as an office worker in the accounting department of a Tokyo-based trading company, which deals with its daily burdens and conflicts in a funny way. The series has attracted not only anime fans, but also millennials involved in their battles.

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