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Malcolm Butler: Patriots & # 39; likely & # 39; win SB I had played

If Patriots fans can not help but think about New England's fate, Malcolm Butler would have played in the Super Bowl – they're not alone.

Malcolm Butler thinks about it.

"I never missed one I would never have won if I had played, probably, maybe, I'm not sure." Butler, the cornerback beaten by New England 41

-33 before the loss of the Eagles, said during an episode of SI: Under the Cover about NESN.

"I'd say we were up for a bit or two," Butler added, "and I saw some pieces out there that I could have done.

Reassuring words this time from Butler, the ESPN Mike Reiss after the Super Bowl said, "They gave me up. F —. It's what it is. "

After signing with the Titans earlier this month, Butler told reporters that he had" no reason "for his surprising bench press, but offered his personal theory to a story that simply refuses to go away

"I got sick somehow. I went to the hospital, "Butler said." You probably thought I was done late with the schedule; I was not as imprisoned as I should be and could have been a match deal. It could have been anything. But [Patriots coach] Bill Belichick has been doing that for a very long time. "

Belichick tried typing, but refused to clarify the mystery surrounding the owners' meeting in Orlando this week by wiping scribes screaming to say," I & # 39; I will not come to the last year, I will not come to next year or another year. I talked to Malcolm. I wish him all the best in Tennessee.

During the SI game, Butler admitted that the downgrade almost led to his becoming active during the Super Bowl.

"There were times when I was just standing by and saying to Belichick or [former Patriots coordinator] Matt Patricia and just say, "So will we end this?" Said Butler, whose last election sealed New England's Super Bowl XLIX victory.

I grew up in the Patriots system and I'm a well-behaved guy. I respect my authority. I just could not ask them for something they did not want to do. I just did my job. I was about to go there and say what I wanted to say to Matt or Belichick, but I just stayed in my alley and did my job, man.

For what it's worth, at least a handful of Butler's old teammates see the story from both sides:

We are at a time when almost every Super Bowl is designing a large-scale story that bothers us all out of season.

As Butler continues to talk – and be questioned – about his last game in a Patriot jersey, it's not a safe bet that we'll get to the bottom of this, with Belichick treating the matter like an ancient Kremlin mystery ,

Where are you, Nancy Drew? Please come to an end once for all.

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