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Malta businessman arrested on yacht in connection with the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

A prominent Maltese businessman was arrested on board his yacht early Wednesday as a "person of interest" in the car bomb murder of investigative reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia Power Company, was intercepted on a course outside the country and forced back to port , However, the authorities have 48 hours to make a decision.

Fenech's name was noted on leaked documents as a source of revenue for companies named in the Panama Papers, a financial scandal Caruana Galizia investigated before her death. She claimed that Maltese politicians were linked to companies named in the newspapers.

  Fenech (pictured left) was arrested on his yacht when she left Malta. His name was

Fenech (left in picture) was arrested on his yacht when she sailed away from Malta. He was named a "person of interest" in the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia (pictured right). (AP Photo / Jonathan Borg)
(AP / Reuters)

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has not directly linked the arrest with Caruana Galizia's assassination in October 2017 on Wednesday in talks with reporters. He said he did not want to interfere with the case.

He said the arrest appeared to be due to a presidential pardon he had offered the suspected middleman the day before in the assassination attempt. The nameless man claimed to know the identity of the mastermind behind the car bombing raid.

The suspect arrested last week for laundering money negotiated a deal that would release him at the time of killing and for all previous crimes when evidence brought his confirmed information to court, the Times of Malta reported.

Muscat also said no politician was tied to the murder of Caruana Galizia Picked up by the Daphne Project. According to the Times of Malta, the owner of 17 Black, a Dubai-registered company, had been identified in April 2018 by the Maltese guard dog, Fenech, as the name of two people close to Muscat – his chief of staff and the Former Energy Minister – who received payments of 17 Black for unspecified services. There is no evidence that the payments were made.


In addition to Fenech and the alleged middleman, three other men were detained suspected of triggering the explosion that killed Caruana Galizia. The three men were arrested in December 2017 and are still awaiting trial.

Lucia I. Suarez Sang and The Associated Press of Fox News have contributed to this report.

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