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Man abducted after Chinese student in Canada

York police said in a statement Tuesday that a "35-year-old man from the city of Toronto who was believed to be involved in the kidnapping" had been arrested. The man was not identified because he does not yet have to be charged.

The statement added that the police "must continue to fear for the well-being of Mr. Lu," and urged his captors to release the 22-year-old unharmed and give himself up.

Lu and a friend ended his car in an underground car park in the city of Markham, Ontario on Saturday night when four masked men grabbed him, the police said. One of the attackers wore a taser and used it for Lu as he tried to resist. Lu's friend was unhurt.

Surveillance videos released by the police showed men with thick black jackets whose faces were covered and grabbed Lu and grabbed him in a black minivan with stolen plates. It was later found abandoned in nearby Toronto.

Little information about Lu or the possible motive for the abduction has been published. CNN subsidiary CBC reported that at least three Chinese students were targeted by scammers in 201
7 when they tried to extort money from their families in China.
CNN subsidiary CTV News said Lu drove expensive luxury cars including a Lamborghini and a Rolls Royce.

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