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Man accused of having married 4 women, pleads guilty

A man accused of being married to four women pleaded guilty on Monday in New Hampshire, but will bypass jail time if he behaves for the next five years , married a woman from Georgia in 2006, an Alabama woman in 2011, and a New Hampshire woman in 2013. This led to a charge of bigamy in New Hampshire, but according to court documents, he also married a fourth wife in Kentucky in 2016. [19659005] Prosecutors said he used the marriages to gain access to women's assets. On Monday, Strafford County Deputy Attorney Michael Rotman read a statement by Middleton's wife from New Hampshire, Alicia Grant, who accused Middleton of being transformed from a compassionate person into a person with a "not my problem" attitude was "satisfied" that he had consequences for his actions.

"When we got married six years ago, I thought I had found in him a life partner with whom I could see the ups and downs of life, someone to whom my children could look up," Grant wrote. "Instead, for six years, I got pain and misery as I tried to free myself from prison for its lies and manipulations."

Middleton was arrested in Ohio in February. In Maine he was also confronted with charges of domestic violence.

As part of his 12-month suspended sentence, Middleton was instructed to perform screening for domestic violence and drug abuse and to submit to any recommended counseling or program. Neither he nor his lawyer spoke differently in the hearing than to answer brief questions from the judge.

After the hearing, Middleton was asked if he regretted his actions. He told reporters that he had "compassion and understanding" for his wife from New Hampshire, Grant, after hearing her letter.

"It was a good result," he said. "I hope to get on with my life and everything and to stick to everything that has been handed over to me."

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