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Man crushed to death by elevator in Manhattan building

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A man was put to death in an elevator in a Manhattan home on Thursday morning. The authorities have recently imposed a fine for unsafe elevator conditions.

Firefighters responding to an emergency call for an elevator on the Manhattan Promenade in Kips Bay district found a man in a section of the elevator between the lobby and basement floors, said a fire department spokesman

The Man , 30, whose identity was not published, was declared dead at the scene. Firefighters worked to rescue three people who were in the elevator and appeared unharmed, the department said.

Around 11:00 am, two men hurled a black body bag out of the building on a stretcher and loaded it into the trunk of a medical examining car.

The Manhattan Promenade, a 23-story tower, has two elevators for tenants and the municipal construction department fined the building in May with a fine of nearly $ 1,300 after inspectors found a security feature on one of the elevators was disabled or manipulated. The building was instructed not to use the elevator until it was repaired.

ATA Enterprises, which manages the building, did not respond immediately to a voicemail message requesting comment.

The investigators did not know on Thursday whether the man drove the same elevator or the other. According to the city were on Thursday morning investigators on the ground, who had initiated an investigation.

A resident of the building, Alex, 25, who refused to give his last name, said the elevators were prone to failure and often jerked around with drivers inside. One of the elevators of the building was not in operation on Thursday before the accident, he said.

"We saw the warning signs," Alex said. "The thing breaks all the time. It is pretty bad. "

Once he said he had to close the elevator's only sliding door by hand to seal himself in." The door can not quite be closed, "he said.

Another resident, a young woman, who did that Leaving building and also refusing to give her name, she compared the elevator to a scary Halloween ride.19659005] "It's out all the time, I've been in the elevator before," the woman said. "It's super scary, they always jump between the floors." , City records did not show that it had been repaired.

There are more than 70,000 elevators in New York City, but fatal accidents are rare.

In 2011, a 44-year-old advertiser was killed after being caught between the elevator and the wall of an office building in Midtown.

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