A 71-year-old man died of a bacterial infection on 10 July after eating a rotten oyster in a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida, to the Florida Department of Health.

The disease was caused by Vibrio vulnificus, said officials, "Vibrio vul Nificus is a bacterium that can be contracted by eating raw shellfish, especially oysters, or by open wounds with seawater.

The man had underlying disease, explained a spokesman for the Florida Department of Health WTLV-TV. The name of the restaurant that served the oyster was not published.

The man died two days after eating the spoiled oyster, WWSB reported.

Although sometimes referred to as "carnivorous" bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus can not attack healthy skin, the Sun sentinel reported.

Vibrio vulnificus infections are rare, said the Florida Department of Health, but they can be particularly serious for people with weakened immune systems. The bacterium naturally occurs in warm, brackish seawater.

The department recommends that you avoid raw shellfish and stay out of warm seawater if you have an open wound.

Post: WTLV-TV Jacksonville, firstcoastnews.com

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