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Man hospitalized after swallowing live catfish

NEW YORK (FOX NEWS) – One man has learned the hard way that mixing live fish and alcohol is not a good idea.

Doctors from the University Medical Center in Rotterdam recently detailed in Acta Oto-Laryngologica Case Reports The story of a 28-year-old man in the Netherlands, after drinking at "excessive" amount of beer with his friends and reported using ecstasy, swallowed a live fish that

"Jackass," specifically the episode where stuntman steve-o swallows a live goldfish – decided to swallow live fish from a home aquarium.

At first, the group of friends swallowed goldfish, which "passed smoothly," the case report's authors write.

Shortly after, the 28-year-old man, who was not identified in the report , volunteered to swallow anot her fish, which he would soon find out so swimmingly: a spiky, bronze catfish.

As the man's friends chanted "Grote vis! Grote vis! "(Dutch for Big fish! Big fish!"), A video of the occurrence, which was not shared, reportedly the man taking a big swig of beer before swallowing the fish.

But the creature appears put up a fight, extending the spines and sharp barbs located on it's dorsal, pectoral and adipose fins to prevent itself from sliding down its throat.

The patient became infected with the poison.

The patient became infected what's "clearly in distress" the case report's authors said, "two fingers to induce [his] gag reflex."

But the catfish remained stuck.

One of the man's friends then reportedly tried to apply the secretly maneuver but unsuccessful.

"After several hours of unsuccessful self-applied treatment with more beer, honey and ice cream, the patient finally presents himself to the emergency department, "the author wrote."

Luckily for the man , his "esopha gus showed no signs of perforation, "the authors wrote," noting the fish's venom did not appear to adversely affect the man. "

a fish again.

In fact, this case illustrates how "a reckless drinking game" and imitating the show "Jackass" "It turns into a dangerous and critical medical situation."

As for the fish, its remains on display at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam. It is a featured attraction at the Dead Animal Tales exhibit, which shows the sometimes "dramatic consequences" of human and animal interactions.

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