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Man who allegedly drove car in Seattle demonstration, killed protester, charged with murder

The car hit two people – Summer Taylor, a 24-year-old resident of Seattle, and Diaz Love (32) – then fled the scene and raced down the freeway. Soldiers arrested the driver they identified as 27-year-old Dawit Kelete.

After leaving the car, Kelete asked according to the loading document: “Are you all right?” The state patrol said Kelete was unaffected at the time of the attack; A breath test for alcohol was negative.

“My thoughts are with Summer Taylor and her family and loved ones. It̵

7;s a life that was tragically lost far too early, but their legacy will be the real change they have marched for, ”said Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) of Seattle in a statement posted on Twitter.

Love, the other person hit by the car, was hospitalized with internal injuries and broken arms and legs. In a post on Facebook that was released on Sunday evening and is no longer public, Love wrote: “I live and am stable. With a lot of pain. I can’t believe that Summer was murdered. If you thought this murder would throw us back, you are very wrong. Very wrong. “Love, who had streamed the protest live from the freeway, said people sent them death threats through the social network.

The state patrol said it would no longer allow demonstrators on the highway and promised to arrest anyone who went there.

A judge in King County set Kelete’s bail at $ 1.2 million on Monday. He remains in custody and is scheduled to be charged on July 22.

John Henry Browne, the defender who represents Kelete, told the Associated Press that Kelete, who is black, is sorry and has no political motives. “My client is in tears. He is very repentant. He feels extremely guilty, ”Browne told the AP. Browne did not respond to a request for comment from the Washington Post.

This was not the only peaceful protest in recent times to panic when drivers plowed to protesters. The video, recorded Monday in Bloomington, Indiana, shows people clinging to the front of a red Toyota sedan while the car accelerates through a protest against Black Lives Matter. Two were injured, the Bloomington police said.

Drivers have attacked people more than 65 times since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, including seven incidents involving police officers at the wheel, said Ari E. Weil, an expert on terrorist tactics at the University of Chicago New York Times.

Violent memes celebrating car attacks on protesters have now spread across social media. After the car hit protesters in Seattle, a detective in the King County’s sheriff’s office posted posts on Facebook condemning the injured protesters.

The authorities have not published the images and have led an ongoing internal investigation. According to KOMO News in Seattle, one article shows a comic truck that beats stick figures under the heading “All life sprays”.

The sheriff’s office put detective Mike Brown on administrative leave and suspended his police powers. The investigation checks whether other employees have reacted to the positions or have commented on them, according to a statement by the office.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D), Brown’s cousin, wrote on Twitter that he was “deeply disappointed” by the detective.

“The language is unacceptable and just wrong,” said Inslee, “especially from a police officer trying to heal our community’s divisions.”

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