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Manchester United vs. Chelsea FA Cup Score: Paul Pogba and Red Devils move up, plus more souvenirs

Manchester United has reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup after hitting a big boy on the street again. After a dominant win over Arsenal in the fourth round, United beat Chelsea 2-0 in Monday's Round 5 win at Stamford Bridge. The win has cemented the Red Devils as one of the top contenders to win the competition. Both goals were scored in the first half over header. Paul Pogba grabbed one and supported the other as pressure on Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri increased. Here are three gifts from the game:

The street fighters made it look easy

From start to finish, and although Anthony Martial or Jesse Lingard was not there, United just looked like the stronger, better prepared team. And it stuck to the trend that we experienced most of the year 201

9. United was good, organized and confident, while Chelsea looked lost and lacked ambition and identity. Ander Herrera scored the first goal, which was the winner, with a timely header post at the back of the head. He received a great ball from Pogba to clear it away, taking advantage of the poor defense of the blues.

Here's the goal, and look at Herrera at the rear pillar for 31 minutes in:

. And here is Pogba in his goal for 45 minutes:

Are Sarris days numbered at Chelsea?

Boy Did this team experience hard times? Do you remember when Chelsea started the season 5-0 and looked like a favorite in the Premier League for a few days? These days are long gone for this season, it seems.

From the season starting in August to mid-November, Chelsea did not lose out of the Community Shield to start the season. Since the end of November, the blues have lost eight and three out of the last five. The score of the team was inconsistent. In the last 12 games of the team, the blues could not score in half.

The attack was not reinforced by the arrival of Gonzalo Higuain, but a large part of the problem was also the defense, which gave up 10 goals for Bournemouth and Manchester City.

It's been so bad The fans sang about their coach's profanity and even sang the name Frank Lampard to take over, with the legend of the club currently serving as Derby County coach. It is not exactly an absolute low, but for a team of such high standard.

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