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Manchester United's new signing at Wan-Bissaka still makes them look silly – football


United whips £ 50m onto a right-back rookie

First of all, we should say that we are big fans of Aaron Wan-Bissaka here in the warm-up. He has the disgusting ability to effortlessly do everything he does – running, attacking, catching a passport. He's already a great player and his rise to being one of the best full backs in the country is well deserved and all the more remarkable as he was a winger a few years ago.

However, when his move to Manchester United is completed – which, according to those who know, is likely to be sometime on Thursday – he will be the most expensive specialist in the history of the game, as we all know Basically it makes no sense today to complain / be shocked by transfer fees, but … enthusiastic.

United pays Crystal Palace a rather extraordinary amount of money for a player with fewer than 50 high-profile appearances, and this underlines even more the state of affairs at Old Trafford that it's actually a pretty good deal.

Again, Wan-Bissaka is excellent and could be just what United needs. But … my goodness. It could also be very sharp.

Megan Rapinoe: Heroine, Footballer, Trump Corruptor

Granted, it does not take much to uproot the radiant toddler that is currently President of the United States of America on Twitter, but we have Megan Rapinoe, who has done the enviable job of annoying Donald Trump in almost every possible way.

When Rapinoe was asked about the possibility that the USWNT might visit the White House when the World Cup finishes, he replied with a warning that you can see below. Language & # 39 ;.

What Trump reacted to ̵

1; because of course he did it because he is physically unable to do anything else – so …

Actually, that's relatively mild for him, but let's leave the last word to Rapinoe's teammate Ali Krieger:

" Regarding today's Tweet of the" President ", I know women who can not control or upset you, but I stand by @mPinoe and I'll suspend it too. I do not support this nor manage their fight against LGBTQ + citizens, immigrants & our most vulnerable. "

England stumbles into the World Cup quarter-finals. Or the toilet.

While the England team has always played well at this World Cup and has done everything possible to reach the sharp end of the tournament, the first decent team they face will reduce their workload.

This team could be Norway, facing them in the quarter-finals on Thursday, and the feeling of English destiny is reinforced, considering that three quarters of their first-choice defense may be missing.

Captain Steph Houghton has an ankle injury that can shake her well before the kick-off, while Lucy Bronze and Millie Bright seem to have been attacked by a virus and spent the last few days yelling at her boyfriend Huey down the porcelain phone.

After all, Phil Neville kept things going and responded with his empty bomb and admirable, if totally misguided optimism before the game. He said:

" People are obsessed with rotation, but it's for moments like this, which means that there's no problem now, if Steph and Millie are not there, we'll bring someone in, no problem Everybody knows the system and the way we play, I have full confidence in all my players, I said six months ago, I did not want to go into the quarterfinals of the World Cup and throw in someone else There is a plan and it is for moments like this. "

Will Phil's blind faith be justified? Let's hope it's a bit jingoistic for a second. But somehow we doubt it …


Wayne Rooney still understood it, sometimes to a limited extent.


Heroes: Tottenham

Here I am, making fun of Tanguy Ndombele and Jack Clarke. pic.twitter.com/6fefNtuR59
– Alasdair Gold (@AlasdairGold) June 25, 2019 "

Get a load of it: Tottenham is about to sign a player No … wait, two players the bells, kill the fat calf, bring me the best wine in the country: that's a reason to celebrate, right, you've finally found the stupid little ticket machine to which you'll need to add a new payee to your online bank account, and you want to come out with two players north of £ 60 million: the shaky and exciting young Jack Clarke and the silky and versatile Tungay Ndombele.

Zero: David Silva

How could you, David? You leave us? After all this time? After all, we did it together? What shall we do now? Watching Juan Mata? Pah! This is nothing less than a betrayal. Did not the last ten years mean anything to you?

As you can see, the warm-up is not accepting the news that David Silva will leave Manchester City at the end of next season.

Still, we can not be mad at him for long: the man is an absolute hero, as evidenced by the fact that he reiterated his pension plans at an event in his native Gran Canaria to promote an initiative against domestic violence. What a hero.


We are not digging too deep into the archives here, but it was a year ago on that day when South Korea pulled the trousers down and flung it out of the trophy and into deep national introspection.


" So look forward to the visit of the Whites -" was as far as I had in mind when Rapinoe went in to tackle the answer with the kind of spiky security who has always determined their game. "By no means will we be invited to the White House," she says. "[Trump] tries to avoid the invitation of a team that could refuse, or, as he did, when the warriors rejected him, he will." claim they were not invited at all. ""


After a respite, the quarter-finals of the World Cup begin with the virus-stricken England against Norway. Expect Phil Neville to declare an international incident if one of the Norwegian players raises an eyebrow. Buckle up.

With all the details of Philly's latest upswing, it will be Tom Adams on Friday.

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