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Mandatory quarantine for 11 other houses

EAST LANSING, Michigan (WILX) – The Ingham County Health Department has identified 11 other large East Lansing homes with known exposure to COVID-19. Those currently living in these homes have been instructed to immediately quarantine for the next two weeks. A total of 39 large houses are now under quarantine.

Two houses were previously removed from the list after further investigation.

Linda S. Vail, Ingham County’s health officer, ordered quarantine Thursday afternoon through an emergency warrant. With the new order, additional properties can be added to the mandatory quarantine list if necessary.

Mandatory quarantine points
Mandatory quarantine points(WILX)
Mandatory quarantine points
Mandatory quarantine points(WILX)

“The current situation affects me deeply for the MSU and East Lansing communities,” said Vail. “In addition, our inability to contain this extremely high level of transmission will adversely affect other communities, services and businesses in the county. Ingham County has the highest COVID-19 risk in the state of Michigan. We are really in a crisis situation, especially in East Lansing. We must do everything we can to contain the outbreak. “

The city of East Lansing has seen the total number of cases increase 315 percent since September 1. The surge in cases is almost entirely due to an outbreak among MSU students.

The quarantined properties include 25 brotherhood and sisterhood houses and 14 large rental houses. The quarantine was extended by three days for a brotherhood and four sororities due to new cases and / or exposures.

The health department will continuously monitor the situation. WILX will also keep you up to date.

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