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Manny Diaz, right or wrong, could not say no to Miami Hurricanes

You may question the way in which Manny Diaz left the temple, or even how Miami hired a native son with experience in zero-head coaching to take over his old program.

These questions are valid. Diaz, who has left Temple after 18 days, is not fair to the university or his new players, and no one really knows if Diaz is the right man for the job in Miami after three stellar seasons as the defensive coordinator of the hurricanes.

But that's why Miami made Diaz his top priority, and he had no choice but to say yes, no other coach knows what's happening in Miami just as Diaz does. No other coach understands so clearly what needs to be repaired. No other coach can maintain continuity in a program that started 1

0-0 a year ago and climbed to # 2 in the rankings.

1 Relatives

Diaz, a Cuban American whose father once served as mayor of Miami, has always said he would love nothing more than to be Miami's head coach one day. The timing is terrible, and the look is terrible, but if the job you always wanted finally opens up, and there's a way to take it, then accept it – and all the criticism that follows.

He is not the first coach breaks the commitment to his players, only one in a long list, which once again underpins the idea that coaches are only committed to themselves, while the players pay a much higher price if They either change their mind about a school or do something for themselves (like playing bowl games).

There is no icing on how Diaz left the temple, and there may always be a part of him that feels bad. But if he had known three weeks ago that Mark Richt even considered resigning, he would never have taken the temple job. Diaz thought that would be the consequence years later. Everyone else in Miami.

Athletic director Blake James had no idea when he woke up on Sunday morning that it would be a wild 24 hours. He said at his Sunday press conference that he was surprised when Richt told him he wanted to retire, believing that his coach was committed to make the necessary changes to improve the team.

James also said that he was deliberately occupying the post and he praised Diaz and the way the defense had developed, especially this season. Reading between the lines made it pretty clear which direction Miami wanted to go. Were there famous coaches who could attract the hurricanes, coaches like Mario Cristobal or Mike Leach, or even Lane Kiffin, all the names that came right after Richt's resignation?

perhaps. But Cristobal, who has been playing in Miami and has just signed a top-notch recruiting class, has money and incredible facilities in Oregon and is just beginning. Leach and Kiffin would bring more offensive improvements, but also the kind of great personages that are not necessarily suited to Miami's current administration.

In Diaz, Miami knows someone who knows the inner workings of the program and its voice (and sometimes vocals) reckless) fan base; Someone with deep ties to high school coaches and recruiting throughout South Florida; and someone who is well aware of what he needs to do immediately: find a quarterback and an offensive coordinator and upgrade the offensive coaching team. A Miami staff member said it was obvious that the 2016 Hurricanes needed to find a quarterback distinctive artist, but the abusive employees mocked every time they were mentioned, in the end, the right thing is forced to go away. Miami finished the season in 5th place overall defense and 104th in the total offense. It's pretty clear what Miami has to do.

2018-19 FBS coach changes

The next question is whether Diaz can do it. Will he hire the right offensive coordinator to modernize the offense and win a quarterback who can win? Since Ken Dorsey, who led Miami to the national championship in 2001 and the national championship game in 2002, Miami has had no change.

Defense competitions win championships, but these days in college football these are the teams winning a dynamic quarterback who does the big chunks. There's a reason why Clemson switched from Kelly Bryant to Trevor Lawrence and if that was not obvious before defeating Notre Dame, it's now pretty clear.

Those in the Miami Football Building really believe that they are not so far from winning championships again, the cornerstone of Richt is firm. For all the expenses that Miami has this year, there is no question that the program itself is in a better place today. The facilities have improved considerably and the list is young but talented. To this end, no one believes that the hurricanes need to start over; The upcoming changes in the attack should be enough to supplement what Diaz has done with the defense.

Then there's Diaz himself. The mastermind behind the turn-around chain that spurred the defense of Miami in 2017 is thrilling, and his defenders have gotten involved in what he wanted. They played the way Miami's defenses played, and that was Diaz's declared goal when he arrived in 2015 with Richt.

However, in his previous posts as a defensive coordinator, he has an inconsistent track record. And he has no experience as a head coach. So you can ask yourself if Diaz is the answer. Miami had previously left in Randy Shannon the previous position of defensive coordinator to the head coach without success. But it was also without success with the attitude of a someone-with-head coaching experience (Al Golden, Richt).

Given the situation faced by Miami on Sunday, the administration hired the coach who he believes is the right solution at the right time. We are several years away from receiving an answer.

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