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Marc Thiessen: Dems becomes the "party of death" at Spätabort

The Washington Post columnist, Marc Thiessen, says the ongoing pressure from Democrats in the states to extend abortion rights makes them "the party of death" and argues that the party is out of the mainstream on this issue.

If you want to see a party that has officially become a party of death, that's it, "Thiessen said during a panel discussion on Wednesday about the" Special Report "by Fox News.


Early Wednesday, Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam came under fire after being involved in a controversial abortion law The moment before birth ̵

1; critics have warned Northam that a child could be killed after giving birth. Northam denied this allegation later.

Thiessen said during a "All Star Panel" discussion with editor-in-chief of Cook Political Amy and co-founder of Real Clear Politics, Tom Bevan, the controversy in Virginia is "another example" of the Democratic Party outside the American mainstream ". He pointed to surveys that say the majority of Americans say late robbers should be illegal

"I bet you, if you had asked these Americans support the day of birth, it would be almost zero," Thiessen said , a former speechwriter to President George W. Bush.

During the discussion Walter showed About a quarter of Americans think there are "no restrictions" on abortion, another quarter believe that abortions should be banned, and the rest of the country believes in certain limitations. [1 9659005] Bevan said the Democrats are trying to relax the abortion restrictions as a precautionary measure if the Supreme Court of Roe v. Wade visit again.

Efforts in Virginia followed the passage of a bill in New York last week that eased abortion restrictions. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington are also passing new laws that extend access to abortion or cancel out old laws restricting abortions.

Adam Shaw and Caleb Park of Fox News contributed to this report. [19659012]
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