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Marcus Stroman let the Blue Jays know exactly how he felt when he was traded to the Mets

Photo: Vaughn Ridley (Getty)

Marcus Stroman now seems cool with it. The pitcher the Mets bought on Sunday as part of a shock trade with Toronto tweeted an old photo of himself as a small child wearing a Mets jacket and said, "Some things should be like this." He comes over as really excited to be a Met and – not for nothing – no longer a Blue Jay. This was not his first reaction.

When the news and the confusion of the trade broke up, the Blue Jays clubhouse was closed to the press after its defeat. Reporters outside could hear something that was happening there – a "fuss" and that someone was audibly "not happy". They were ominously told that "there is a reason [the clubhouse]] is closed.

It was not necessary for the Fox sisters to knock on tables to find out who was angry and why. Stroman had been fishing for months in public to be sent to the Yankees, and even after trading, his father admitted that Stroman had "hoped it was a bit of the Yankees." And indeed, several reports confirmed that it was Stroman who blew up the clubhouse, and he was upset that he was sent to Queens. Not that he has anything special against the Mets, mind you; He had only hoped to go to a competitor, reports the Post and the Sun where the Yankees, Astros and Red Sox were specifically mentioned.

This is how Stroman describes the scene in the clubhouse:

"The excitement was a discussion that I had with some of our coaches and some of our superiors," Stroman said wisely in a conference call on Monday. "It was a kind of exit meeting. I did not like the way things were handled during the process and that was it. I have expressed my opinion. It hit me pretty fast.

"The conversation was based on how I thought things were handled, and the conversation just ended there," Stroman said. "There are no hard feelings, I just voiced my opinion, I'm sure anyone will be frustrated when he's been here for seven years."

I'm not sure if this part is "no hard feelings" The day after the exchange, the management of Blue Jays did two things: First, they realized that they had tried to sign Stroman for an extension – something that the pitcher himself did a few Second, whatever the hell that is:

Please do not allow Stroman to actually the longest reigning Blue Jays veteran who dwarfed the fact that he's two years older than Noah Syndergaard, the so-called veteran who will keep him busy, if that anonymous Toronto official meant that quote would be something say about Stroman and not about himself, then he messed up.

Stroman owes the Blue Jays, I believe, a thank you for alleviating the impact on the Mets by reminding him of it. At least he's not in Toronto anymore.

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