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Mariah Carey reveals secret work on 1995 alternative rock album

This week Mariah Carey published a new treatise entitled The importance of Mariah Carey. The memoir shows the revelation that she “made an alternate album” while working on her 1995 album Daydream (with “Fantasy” and “Always Be My Baby”). She tweeted an excerpt from the memoir discussing her work on Chick’s 1995 album Someone’s ugly daughter. It includes a preview of the song “Hermit” which includes Carey’s backing vocals as a “hidden layer”.

According to Carey’s representative, she wrote, produced, and sang backing vocals for every song on Chick’s album. (She didn̵

7;t write “Surrender,” which is a cheap trick cover, of course.) She’s also responsible for the art direction of the album packaging and shot one of the band’s music videos. The album is currently not available for streaming services. However, you can find music videos and previews of the album in the playlist below. Your excerpt reads:

I would bring my little alt rock song to the band and hum a silly guitar riff. They would pick it up and we would pick it up right away. It was disrespectful, raw, and urgent, and the band went for it. I actually started to love some of the songs. I would completely commit myself to my character. I played with the style of the airy, punk-bright white singers popular at the time. You know those who seemed so carefree with their feelings and image. They could be angry, scared, and messy, with old shoes, wrinkled slips, and unruly eyebrows while my every move was so calculated and well-groomed. I wanted to free myself, let go and express my misery – but I also wanted to laugh. I was really looking forward to doing my alter ego band sessions afterwards Daydream each night.

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