BROWNSVILLE – The Navy has detonated the "unidentified mine" floating in the water between the Brownsville marina and the west coast of Bainbridge Island on Tuesday.

After officials from several responding authorities had ruled that the mine was unsafe to land for further assessment, Somewhere in the waters near Keyport and the Agate Pass Bridge it was detonated at 8:04 pm Tuesday, a Navy said Official.

The object was round and heavily rusted with protruding rods from its surface. According to a Navy report, "the unidentified fortified mine was found to have marine fouling for decades."

The mine did not make a secondary explosion, suggesting that it was probably inert.

The origins of the mine are unknown, and the Navy will continue to investigate the incident to determine where it came from, a press release said.

Officers set up a 1,500-meter safety zone in the center of the Kitsap County waterways between Keyport, Bainbridge, and Brownsville before the mine exploded.

Although the detonation caused an audible explosion, naval officers said it posed no danger to the public in the surrounding communities.

Coast Guard spokesman Ali Flockerzi said the unexploded ordnance had been reported in the early afternoon and found by a crew from the Department of Natural Resources. At about 5 pm, Navy divers secured a long line to the unit and started towing it with a small boat. The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office asked residents on the shores in the area to stay in place and stay precautionary on the beaches. Brownsville Marina was also evacuated.

Brownsville is located a few miles south of the torpedo test track of the Naval Base Kitsap-Keyport.

Residents watched as the scene developed on Tuesday afternoon as news helicopters circled above them.

"It looks like a World War II mine," said Tom Parks, a retired marine chief who took pictures as the corroded object bobbed from his home in Brownsville.

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