The US Marine Corps has launched an investigation after social media users on Tuesday found that A California Navy flight had

Aircraft Spots, a Twitter account that documents military flights noting the unusual route of the aircraft over the California Salton Sea, a remote location southeast of Palm Springs tweeted photos seem to show a flight path that deviated from a straight line into an intricate, obscene form

"Someone must have a word" with the pilot joking.

First identified as a naval flight, the report corrected later the record to say that the aircraft belonged to the Marine Corps.

Maj. Josef Patterson, spokesman for the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, told the Marine Corps Times that the aircraft in question belongs to the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101. Patterson could not say if the pilot was an instructor or in training.

"Obscene or inappropriate actions, flight or not, do not reflect the core values ​​we hold as marines," Patterson told NBC 7 San Diego. He told the station that the incident had been investigated and that the Marine Corps would investigate possible disciplinary action after the investigation was completed.

Some see several offensive forms in trajectory, reports San Francisco Chronicle . The paper also notes that the shapes would not have been visible to those on the ground and would probably have been revealed only by flight tracking programs.

A similar incident last year in Washington State attracted national attention when US Navy officials involved a confirmed one of his plane was involved in skywriting a figure of a penis. In this case, the disturbing shape was visible to the naked eye.


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