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Mariners & # 39; Teardown continues to trade Jean Segura on Phillies for J.P. Crawford

So far, the offshore season for the Seattle Mariners' Front Office has been very busy, and General Manager Jerry Dipoto officially started the demolition on the road to rebuilding in 2019 and beyond.

A few weeks ago, the Ms posted their ace-pack and traded with James Paxton to the Yankees; Incidentally, they also acted Alex Comume against the White Sox. Rumors circulated last week that Seattle was ready to move closer to all star veterans Robinson Cano and the bona fide ace, Edwin Diaz, a deal that closed on Monday and did not stop there slowly, and more and more As some were leaked (some already last Thursday), the Mariners remained active and started other transactions even before the deal was announced; He reportedly sent her all-star shortstop Jean Segura to the Phillies in exchange for young, cost-controlled and largely unproven, J.P Crawford (including lesser-known players to be appointed).

For more information on the former blockbuster, Luis Torres looked at the pieces moving in the trade. Dan Epstein watched the winners and losers of the deal. Here's a quick look at the shortstop swap.

Before looking at the details of the Jean Segura transaction for JP Crawford, it is important to point out how active Jerry Dipoto, General Manager of Woman, has been in Seattle for three relatively short years. During this time, Dipoto has retained only a handful of players from the original 40-man squad he has inherited. Seattle recruited him in December 2015, after a year in which the team ended 10 games under -500. In the following three seasons, there were ups and downs for the Mariners, which ended in second place and 89 victories in 2018, but without reaching the playoffs (a drought in 2001). Despite trying to go all-in in 2018 (and pretty bad, if not "royals-bad"), the time has come for a complete demolition.

The most recent falling trading chip is Segura. As with previous trading, we basically know the summary of the high-level deal without being told that it's official. Ken Rosenthal tweeted this morning at 11:00 that Segura has indeed renounced his no-trade clause and will travel to Philadelphia.

The Phillies will be Segura's fifth major league franchise and will inherit the remaining years and dollars of its previously signed five-year contract extension with the Mariners (which it signed in 2016). The Phillies will pay Segura 70 million dollars for the 2022 season and have a team option for 2023.

Segura has been in three strong consecutive years and has been a 3-5-year-old player in four of the last six years. 2014 and 2015 can probably be excused as the loss of his infant son seemed to plague him during that time (which is understandably to be expected).

Since his trade with Milwaukee to Arizona in early 2016 due to his tenure at the Mariners, Segura has reduced a .308 / .353 / .449 and recorded a WRC + between 111 and 126 each season. Although the defensive metrics are inconsistent in these three seasons, his defensive ability is neutral, in the worst case.

The main purpose of this trade is to delete Segura's salary from the Mariners' books because he is being traded for a younger, cheaper and less well-established player than himself. While J.P. Crawford remained at the top of Phillies' organizational rankings, he is only 23 years old and has played in less than a full season over the last two years.

This is a great step for the Cash Cow Phillies, who are in the best position to spend this offseason, and have the organizational perspective to build a position from an unproven perspective to a win-now player , With Segura they get a constant .300 hitter, which has a double-digit performance and provides good speed at the base paths. Although he is one of the majors since 2012, he is only 28 years old and improves his plate contact. Segura had only made 10.9 percent of his record appearances last year, an improvement of nearly 50 percent compared to 2017.

While he probably would not do well to rebuild the Mariners, this is probably a team that is expected to be in Outlook is well below -500, he is a big win for a young, highly competitive team like the Phillies.

With Crawford, it's hard to say what the Mariners will achieve in the medium and longer term, but in the short term, it's likely to be a defensive improvement over Segura. He has an excellent percussion and made a solid showing in his first MLB call Percentage of .356. T

There are certainly questions concerning Crawford. Although Philadelphia did not have a real, everyday shortstop on their 40-man squad, it lasted until September 4 before calling Crawford to the show. If they were looking for a big spark from him, this was never the case, as the Phils went to five games shortly after joining and then destroyed a nine-step defeat this season. While it's easy to blame Crawford for doing so, his average headline quota of 274 percent and the number of three homers in 138 plate differences made little difference in the lineup.

If you look at the projections for the early offseason for 2019, Crawford is expected to have a solid walking speed and OBP, but the depth charts of FanGraph and Seamer project an identical average of 227 strokes. If that even improves to .260 / .270 then you have a shortstop with a .390 / .400 OBP, which would obviously be an incredibly valuable asset.

Considering where both teams are in their win turn, this trade is likely to be mutually beneficial, especially considering that the Mariners will get a few lottery players with fewer lottery games. This trade will obviously not cause any excitement for fans in the Pacific Northwest, since paying and keeping salaries should (and should) never inspire others but owners and their families, but it's part of a process we've all been so painfully deaf for [19659016] This is a clever move by the Phillies, and overall it is a low-risk and high-yielding trading gambit that is likely to pay off, especially if its squad is closed during the off-season. For example, throwing a Bryce Harper with Segura and Rhys Hoskins in the middle of a lineup looks like it might be a good idea to win the NL East.


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