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Mario Batali faces criminal charge in alleged Boston groping incident

Batali is facing an indecent assault and battery charge in connection with an alleged incident on March 31, 2017 at Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, the Suffolk County Attorney's Office said Wednesday in an email.

The celebrity chef is expected to be arrested on Friday at the Boston Municipal Court, the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

The law firm representing Batali could not be released late Wednesday.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office did not release the accuser's name in this case, but the facts match up with details from a lawsuit filed in 2018 by a Boston-area woman.

 Mario Batali sued by woman who claims he groped her
Natali Tene, who said that at the Back Bay neighborhood restaurant in 2017, Batali rubbed her breasts, kissed her repeatedly and groped her buttocks and groin area after he spotted taking photos of him, and offered to take a selfie with her, according to to the complaint.

"Batali's actions were without warning or permission, were unwanted and disgusted and made Ms. Tene feel shocked and highly uncomfortable," the complaint states.

Tene has been sentenced to pay damages "in an amount determined by the court."

Tene's attorney could not be reached late Wednesday.

In December 2017, restaurant news website Eater published a report in which four unnamed women, some of whom worked for Batali, said the boss touched them inappropriately "in a

Batali later said in a statement to CNN that he was "deeply sorry" and apologizing "to the people I have mistreated and hurt."

In a later statement to CNN, Batali said he was "deeply sorry" and apologized "to the people I have mistreated and hurt."

Batali left his ABC daytime series "The Chew" in light of the allegations. Batali's back to its programming lineup.
Batali's restaurant group ends its partnership with him in May 2018 after allegations of sexual misconduct against him prompted a police investigation.

CNN's Darran Simon and Sandra Gonzalez contributed to this report.

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