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Mario Tennis Aces will be updated to version 3.1.0 tomorrow

Mario Tennis Aces will receive an update tomorrow and bring the game to version 3.1.0. The update is not yet available, but Nintendo has already decided to release the patch notes of the update. There is a lot on the way, including some character changes and the arrival of Fire Piranha Plant on the game board. The full patch notes can be found below.

  • Character skill changes
    • The abilities of certain characters have been changed.
      Character Name Change
      • The force of his shot was slightly increased.
      • Easily increases his ability to aim at the edges of the sideline.
      • Increases his acceleration speed slightly.
      • makes it difficult to slide while moving.
      • Easily reduces the value Duration of time freezes after a jump.
      • Slightly increases the shooting power.
      • Slightly increases their ability to aim at the edges of the sideline.
      • Slightly increased their ability to aim at the edges of the sideline.
      • Decreased the lowering speed.
      • Easily reduced the power of his topspin strokes.
      Chain impact
      • Slight slippage on movement.
      • Distan something shortened ce it can take a long time to hit a ball.
      Dry Bones
      • His regular praises and Max Charge Shot Lobs are now going in the same direction as topspin punches.
  • Added Shy Guy Train Tussle in Swing Mode
    • Shy Guy Train Tussle, which is played with a Nintendo Switch system, was added as a special game in Swing mode.
    • This game can be played cooperatively or competitively. Up to four players (including a COM player) can play.
  • Additional Settings
    • When playing the "Double Only" match type in Free Play and Swing modes, the double partners were given the "Select Each Time" option.
    • Has been designed to allow you to select the same character as your opponent if your twin was already set before the character selection.
  • Added new characters
    • If you play at least one match of the online tournament in June, you can use the new character Fire Piranha Plant. Fire Piranha Plant is a technical character type whose trick shots make all topspins.
    • Fire Piranha Plant will be available at 9:00 am on July 1, 2019, even if you have not played a match of the June Online Tournament.
    • If you play at least one match of the July tournament, you can use the new character Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser is a special defensive character type whose bats are not damaged even if he does not block his opponent's zone shot. Unlike regular Bowser, the Blue Flaming Dry Bowser can hit slice shots well and hit a particularly strong backhand.
    • Failure to block a Special Shot will result in bat damage.
    • Dry Bowser will be available for use from 9:00 am on August 1, 2019, even though you have not played any of the online tournaments in July.
    • The online tournament requires Nintendo Switch Online membership.
  • Additional New Costumes
    • If you play a match in the June online tournament and earn the required bonus points, you can use Bowser in tennis clothes.
    • Only those who deserve what they need The June score is given to the Bowser in tennis attire.
    • This Bowser has the same abilities as the regular Bowser.
    • Bonus points will be reset in the following month.
    • Nintendo Switch online membership is required to play the online tournament.
    • Only those who earn the required number of bonus points in July and August will receive Wario and Waluigi in classic overalls and Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas in different colors. After that every month different costumes are available from previous bonus points.
  • Co-op Challenge Boo Hunt Returns
    • This Co-op Challenge is back in distribution by Ver. 3.1.0 to 9:00 am on July 1, 2019. The Co-op Challenge is a mode for the online game that is held for a limited time only. op challenge.
    • Boo Hunt is a swing-mode co-op challenge where you work with other players to get back the coins stolen by Boos. The goal is to reach the target together. (If each player has a controller, up to four players can play on a Nintendo Switch system.)
    • If there are not four players in total, the required number of COM players will be added after a certain amount of time.
    • Koop Challenges Boo Hunter, Shy Guy Train Tussle and Yoshi's Ring Shot will be changed monthly starting in June 2019.
  • Other changes
    • Online Tournament: The time the bonus bonus screen is displayed has been slightly reduced. It was also done so that the player can press the A button to continue when he has earned all the costumes through bonus points. (Players can not jump further if they have formed a team on two Nintendo Switch consoles.)
    • Snowfall Mountain: It has been changed so that the Shy Guy passengers appearing when the dangers are on sometimes no more Max Charge Shots hand back.
    • Chain Chomp: changed his voice when it mocked.


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