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Mark Cuban Says This Product Has The Worst Execution In Show History

Shark Tank inspiring more people to create products no one's yet seen.

A few products in the sharks invested in some of these problems arena, yet one really stands out now. Charles Michael Yim Who Pitched A Breathalyzer You were able to attach to your smartphone.

It was designed to hail a cab at the push of a button.

At the time, it looked novel and useful. Mark Cuban at a technology conference ” class=”wp-image-1343150″/>

Mark Cuban | Martina Albertazzi / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Were the sharks duped in the initial pitch?

Go back in time to 201

3 when Shark Tank What in its fifth season. You'll probably remember that infamous pitch by Yim to the shark team about this breathalyzer called BreathOmeter.

Yim's pitch seemed compelling at the time, not including capturing the immediate attention of famous investors.

They were sold as a show first. For whatever reason, they would really make the breathalyzer offer truly accurate results.

Not that the product was intended for one's alcohol level.

Initially, the company made a $ 5 million profit, but the FTC requested a recall back in 2017, including ordering the company to offer refunds to anyone who purchased the device.

All of this was the result of a settlement with the FTC.

Not long ago, with the words "With the Cubes heading the company, it's been looking back at discretion at the pitch" Shark Tank cast shot at a video clip at their favorite pitches over the last decade.

Somehow, the BreathOmeter ends up on their most memorable list.

Many fans of the show today wonder why the sharks jumped on the product so fast without further testing. Even the FTC gave out warnings to any entrepreneurs putting out similar products.

The company is not dead, though. [More] 19659015] Are the sharks playing more risk by taking on tech products?

Mark Cuban and his fellow sharks have scoped out of the BreathOmeter as having bad execution. Regardless, Cuban knows how to do it successfully.

In this case, there's a little bump in the road. What about future products with seemingly can't-miss potential?

The sharks are usually very astute to the marketplace and any potential issues arise down the road line.

As sharp as the sharks are to the consumer need in the way of products, the excitement of something big has already proven to bring a blind eye to potential overlooked pitfalls.

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